WIAW- It’s getting hot in here

27 Jun

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I am MIA again, just been busy and too nice out to even sit on the computer in no AC. I am not complaining about the weather though.  Not that I need to be out in the sun with this hot sunburn I have been sporting.  It actually is all peeled and spotty now on my chest and shoulders so I look just weird.  Oh well. 

Monday is my weekly run day, this was suppose to be a 10k which I didn’t know was shortened until I was getting ready to speed up at 5 mile mark when I turned the corner and that happened to be the finish line.  So that wasn’t my best time of 51 minutes but for running in 91 degree weather up hills of dirt, i’ll take it!

Onto food, it’s been the same old over here. thank you Jenn for hosting!



Woke up early and sweating to death that I had no appetite.  So I ate about a half a cantaloupe and quarter of tasteless watermelon I cut up the day before.



After the gym I  was going to head to the beach for a couple hours with my cousin.    Before we headed out I made a quick tuna scramble(?)which is just 2 egg whites and can of tuna with some garlic, topped with ketchup.  Some green beans on the side.



Beach, beer, and The Hunger Games. Finished the first one in a day and onto the second, I am obsessed <3.


Once I got home I just snacked on more fruit, plus an unpictured peach.


 I just had some grilled asparagus (x3) and grilled corn, with 3 hard boiled eggs on the side (2 whole, 1 egg white) .  I need to make some more veggie burgers to have waiting in the freezer for days like today!




As I was sitting outside finishing my book I downed one of these babies, I cant get enough!



What makes me happy: Winning Tim McGraw tickets for Sundays concert. wooooooo!  I wish I recorded myself on the radio, you would’ve thought I won a million dollars with how I was hyperventilating hahah. #sorryimnotsorry

Do you seem to lose your appetite more on those really hot days?

Anyone else into the hunger games?


Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Popsicles

22 Jun

Hey Everyone !  I have been loving this weather lately.  After my quiet beach date the other day, I sat outside the next day and finished my book.  Those few hours I now have a nice looking tan line going on.  I wore a strapless dress yesterday and seriously, it’s like nobody has ever seen tan lines before, my chest has never gotten so much attention.


okay they are pretty bad, I admit.

Last night, me and my cousin went to a Kip Moore concert.  I love outdoor concerts in the summer, and totally wish there was some more around here.  We just set up chairs, drank some beer, and people watched.  I couldn’t help to laugh at some of the drunks there, more because I was THAT girl last concert haha #YOLO.


Half way through the concert we ended up sneaking down and ended up in the 11th row seating.  I was dieing on the inside, I wasn’t drunk enough to be doing stuff like that lol.


oh hay kip!

Today, after a beast leg workout, I had a few clients then came home to sit outside.  Wanted to work on my tan lines.  I also was so in the mood for banana soft serve.  Then again, when am I not?  So I threw a bunch of my favorite stuff in the blender, poured in into popsicle molds, and magic happened.  I mean really, eating anything in the form of a popsicle is probably good.  Though I was never a popsicle eating kid, I was the one who got that expensive cookies and creme cup from the ice cream man each time lol.  But peanut butter, banana, chocolate, how could you go wrong with these.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Popsicles
3 large banana
1/2 cup peanut butter; creamy
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder (or chocolate protein powder)
1 tbs pure maple syrup
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Fill popsicle molds (depends on size, mine filled 8) and place popsicle stick in middle and freeze overnight.  Once frozen, place molds under water for about 30 seconds to loosen it up (and with a knife I went around edges then they quickly popped out).  Then place in a container in the freezer until ready to serve. Enjoy!

*I got my molds at the dollar store, they are sold pretty much everywhere in the summer!


kid approved, score!

I have a date with my DVR tonight because I have a wedding to do before work tomorrow.  Seriously future brides, don’t make your weddings too early.  This means your hair and makeup has to be done at 4am, meaning your hairdresser will hate you.  Just saying.  Then going on my friends boat tomorrow night, trying to keep it low key.  Sunday I am going out east with my groupon to a winery.  Damn you groupon, your making me poor! Haha

What are you up to this weekend?

Were you more of a popsicle or cup/cone kid?

Are you a groupon hoarder like me? haha

WIAW- Back at it

20 Jun

I hope every ones week is going good so far.  I have had such a quiet week and loved it!  Monday I had my first run of the Summer Run Series.  Basically every Monday night at a different state park there’s a run whether it be a 5k, 10k, or like this past one a 5 miler.  I run early in the morning before it’s hot out, so running at 7pm when the sun is still out was killer.  I ran a 46:07 run which I was pleased with.  It’s just fun to be around a bunch of people who really enjoy running.


nice and sweaty after the run #suprunnerboyz

Speaking of boys, I kind of left you hanging just saying we broke up.  I am more then fine, he was just not the guy for me.  We dated for 2 months and went to 16, yes 16 movies.  I hate the movies.  He obviously loved that which is fine but he never wanted to do anything outdoorsy or adventure kind of things that I like.  Plus I could not see a damn movie once more, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Thank you all for caring though!

Onto food, thank you jenn for hosting!  After my last weeks meltdown I am back at it, alcohol and all.  Feeling back to myself, just had a minor speedbump!


Breakfast 7:00am

Now that I am running outside again and not at the gym I been back to running on an empty stomach.  Once I get home I stuff my face then change and go to the gym.  I had my usual sweet potato, kale, and eggs with nutritional yeast.


Snack 1045ish

I went to the beach, alone. I wanted to do some reading and wanted no interruptions lol.  I am reading At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks.  Good so far!


Before I left though I had a green smoothie.  Pineapple, an orange, banana, kale, protein powder, and coconut oil.  Hit the spot.


Lunch 2pm

I felt myself starting to burn at the beach so I headed home and made a salad (lettuce from the garden, woohoo finally I am to poor to be paying for it lol) which blackbeans, tomatoes, a can of tuna, hummus and some balsamic.


Obviously a very photogenic meal.

Dinner 6:00pm

I cooked up some quinoa because I meant to make quinoa muffins but forgot too, sigh.  So I used some of that and threw some frozen shrimp, sauteed spinach and onions, and soy sauce.  Easyy and filling.


Snack 7:00pm

While I was getting ready to go out, and by that I mean get in my pjs and go to my friends house to watch girl code, I ate some chocolate pb banana soft serve of coarse!


Look how pretty!! (this is the real reason i am single, because I think blended bananas looks pretty hahah)

That’s it for today!

What Makes Me Happy: Jenna Marbles videos.  Seriously, I want to be her friend.

Are you a Jenna Marbles fan?

Do you like quiet times at the beach?
Any good books I should read next? I will be done with this by tomorrow




15 Jun


This week has totally dragged for me.  I am just so glad it’s done with!  After my meltdown in the last post, thank you all of you for your comments and emails.  It really was a eye opener and made me see the big picture of everything.  Thanks again you guys rock!

Random facts:

1.  I went on a hike again today, got in a few miles before it started to down pour yet again.  After doing a beast leg workout then walking for what felt like forever, my legs are dead.


2. I have been having chocolate PB banana softserve like its my job lately.  And topping it with melted coconut oil mixed with cocoa powder.


3.  Soooooooo I broke up with the BF.  hahah.  What was that 2 months? I gave the whole relationship thing a try he just was not the one for me.  Wanna hear what’s worse.  I broke up with him via text AHH!  I am a chicken shit with stuff like that and I had already brought it up it person but he kind of blew it off and kept trying to change the subject.  That made it awkward so I just went home and texted him lol.  I’m horrible.  Plus he goes to my gym, I know me and my gym boys.  Both putting back the barbells this am at the same time and doing this awkward eye contact.  I literally laughed out loud. #yolo


4. I met up with 2 of my school friends for some dinner and drinks last night, it was great even if there was literally 6 other people at the bar.  Screw you rain, I gotta meet me some boys hahhha


5. You know how kids can be very, well embarrassing to be with sometimes.  Me and the girls went on our weekly DD trip today.  The workers all know them and the guy asked what kind of donuts they wanted and both yelled what “colors” they wanted.  The guy then says “do you want the chocolate sprinkles or glazed?”.  Lexi yells out “I want the f*cken sprinkles”.  I literally died and the guys jaw dropped.  She just kept saying it in such a serious voice til I covered her mouth.  I don’t know why but something about kids cursing is freaking hilarious to me.

6.  Before the hike I laid out for a little to get my tan on.  Hard to do when you have two beasts on your lap.  My god they are my best birth control, seriously.


7. That about sums it up! I am going to go make more soft serve and watch royal pains and grace land on DVR.  Party animal over here.

What makes me happy:  Sun all weekend=outdoor bars tomorrow night. Holla!

What are you doing this weekend?

What’s the best thing you ever heard a kid say?

Do you watch Graceland (it’s new) or Royal Pains? Im obsessed, plus now that I know all of the medical terminology I actually know what’s going on in the show.  I don’t know how the hell I watched it before lol.

Have A Good Weekend!




Guilty Feelings

13 Jun

Hey my blogger friends, hows everyone doing?  Today me and my cousin went to a park not far from us and hiked the trail (about 8 miles) and canoed for about an hour.  And by canoed I mean we followed turtles and frogs around just trying to catch them, i’ll never grow up.  I was suppose to meet my friends at the bar tonight but I am literally ready for bed!

So each Wednesday I post my eats from the day before, often pretty balanced and healthy for the most part.  But I am human and lately have more days then not of eating junk and sometimes get those guilty feelings and thoughts of punishing myself for doing so.  I have come along way in my recovery but still have those binges here and there.  I think with drinking more those binges are getting worse and more frequent.  There are more days though of me eating my cake and not caring, but having that cake 3-5 days in a row on top of eating other junk, those feelings kick in.  I loved doing my smoothie detox because I was eating/drinking foods I normally eat, but I can’t do that weekly, that’s no fun!  I like my sushi dates!

I feel if I eat junk one day, it’s a lot harder to wake up and not reach for the muffins and danishes instead of the eggs and oatmeal (am I right?!?)  Years ago, it use to be so easy because I’d punish myself, now I mostly go with it.  I ate like a beast, i’ll try and eat better tomorrow.  I don’t go run 10 miles and work out to burn each and every calorie I had ate the day before.  I can’t do that anymore but I still sometimes have those guilty feelings of “why did I eat that?”.

This Wednesday is a different WIAW.  Mainly because I didn’t take pictures of what I ate yesterday, it was all over.  Ice cream cake, pizza, muffins, Chinese food, cereal, bagels, etc.

Like I said I know I have come along way, and am human and may never get past those guilty feelings 100%.  I have got it through my head that if I eat like that I am not going to blow up like a balloon.  But still have it in my head that I am not my best if I eat right.  You know? This was more of a venting post I know.  Sorry guys!

Do you get those guilty feelings after eating junk more often then not?  How do you deal with them?

rain rain go away

10 Jun

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Yesterday ended up so nice out finally, we needed it!  I had a family party to go to and it was at an Italian restaurant (<–had to spell check that, haha).  You know what that means, I ate my body weight in bread pasta and drank way too many glasses of wine.


Thanks Katie for hosting

Marvelous is..finally getting my egg eating on friday morning, afternoon, and night. Oh how I missed you


Marvelous is..going to beach Saturday evening after a busy day at work.  Love it


Marvelous is..not that it is flooding outside again, and suppose to til wed.  BOO!  Atleast I got so fresh air Sat and Sun.


Marvelous is..my nieces finally going home and not sleeping over after a week, and waking me up 5x throughout the night.  Sleeping a lot in the near future.


Marvelous is..double chocolate waffles for breakfast Sunday. yum in my tum.


Marvelous is..seeing the movie Now you see me last night.  And by “seeing it” I mean I slept the entire movie.  The BF didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t going to be able to stay awake lol


I am off to the gym finally, I hope I don’t get weird looks for wearing my rainboots just to walk into the gym. Lol

What makes me happy:  Six flags on Friday! wooo.I use to go literally every weekend during the summer but it got to be just to much.  Cannot wait.

What’s Marvelous in your Monday?

Are you a fan of roller coasters?

WIAW – Detoxing it up

5 Jun

Happy Wednesday Everyone.  Sorry for the absence (again) my sister has had my computer because shes on vacation in Cali and wanted a small one compared to her large and in charge laptop. (best sister ever)  Meaning I am trying to do this from a different computer which is kind of difficult, I don’t like change lol.

Considering it is my YOLO summer, I drank and ate my body weight in carbs from Thursday through Sunday.  Random people actually called my pretzel girl because I had about 4 of those hot pretzels at the brewery on Saturday.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

So after that my friend and I have been wanting to try this smoothie detox for awhile.  I love my smoothies and once summer comes I easily have 2-3 a day.  But as you know I also love my eggs that I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to do it.  We made a pact together and would do the full 3 days of it.  Kill me now.


Breakfast 7am

I like to start with food in the morning, even if it’s eating a banana with PB.  Drinking it is more difficult to fill me up.  This smoothie was a cup of water, 1tbs flaxseed, 1 cup raspberries, 1 banana, 1/4 cup spinach (i put more towards 1 cup), 1 tbs almond butter and 2 tsp lemon juice. It was good, kind of my style smoothie so this one went down easy.  Then I was at the gym doing a leg workout and just day dreaming of food.  So by the time I came home from the gym i was ready for lunch.


Lunch 930am

Yes that is correct, I was ready for lunch 2.5 hours later lol.  I was going to have my “snack” which is just have another smoothie of whichever is your favorite, and since I liked the breakfast one it was going to most likely be that so I switched it up.  This one was made up of almond milk, celery, kale, a cucumber, 1/2 green apple, lime, 1 tbs coconut oil, and 1 cup of pineapple.  Gag me.  It was the celery that killed this smoothie otherwise I think I would’ve  enjoyed it.  I only drank half of this, then ate an apple right after.




Snack 1pm

I stuck it out then remade the breakfast smoothie and had that again. 


Dinner 4pm

I went to the yankee game last night so I was taking a 4 o’clock train and knew if I ate the full smoothie then I’d be starving so I downed half of it then put the other half in a water bottle and pretty much ate it the second I got on the train lol.  This one had coconut water, blueberries, mango, kale, lemon, avocado, and 1tbs flaxseed.


Snack 1130pm

I was starved after the game, so I stopped at jamba juice at the train station and got an “apples and greens” smoothie.  Hey it’s still sort of sticking with the plan right?  It was apples, greens, mango, spirulina, and banana.  Hit the spot.


Overall, I did okay the first day, today though I ate everything on it’s own that was suppose to go in the lunch smoothie instead lol.  Same thing right? 😉  I am not trying to lose weight on this just give my body a little break from my constant partying and get it up and ready for this weekend again! 

What makes me happy:  Knowing I will be eating eggs Friday morning lol.

Have you ever done a detox?  What kind and how long?

What ingredient could you literally not down in a smoothie?

What are you eating this Wednesday?

WIAW: Mad Eggs

29 May

Oh my WIAW was my favorite days, and I haven’t posted in months! I still take tons of pictures of my food though, I scare people I am with once my flash goes off at a place.  Or the other day, we went to this place smokey bones me and the BF and my phone died, so I asked him to take a pic of my meal for me haha. Gradually showing him my crazy side slowly but surely.



Def hasn’t changed up, it’s actually a meal I have for breakfast and lunch multiple times a week.  I usually post a pretty before picture of before I start mixing this is what I eat it as though.



I didn’t feel like cooking really, so an egg sandwich is was.  Eggs over easy with spinach and ketchup on ezkiel.  I also had an unpictured green smoothie a couple hours later.



Got fancy and made a salad with whatever I had.  Black eyed peas, sure enough an egg (i need to calm down with my egg consumption) hummus, salsa, refried beans, nutritional yeast, corn, over greens.  Hit the spot.Image


No eggs.  Made some peanut butter, mmmmmm. It’s the best when I am licking it off the blender spoon and it’s still warm.Image

I am off to the gym to do some chest/tri and hopefully a 10k run.  My summer run series that starts in 2 wks, most of them are 5ks so I been just doing that til I saw the first ones a 10k and second a 6 miler. OPPS!

What Makes Me Happy: Finally suppose to have 3 consecutive days of sunshine and warm weather the end of this week!  It has been raining, cloudy and windy since last week.  No bueno!  I need me some nice weather for outdoor bars and wineries 😉

What is your favorite thing part about summer time?

Do you ever get obsessed with one food (ex;eggs) and have it way to much?


Marvelous in my Monday

27 May

Hey Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Hope You all enjoyed your day off and had some nice weather to go with it!


Marvelous is finding a new mexican place that I may have been at 3x this week.  Addictive


beans, rice, veggies, guacamole, salsa.. whats better!

Marvelous is bar hopping for my friends birthday this weekend, I think you can say she had a good night.  It’s okay though, it was her birthday.


Marvelous is taking a walk with my chicks to DD.  That double stroller and hills may be a good workout, but I am lazy so, we all walk.  They needed a break mid-way though and I sware they were talking about me here lol


Marvelous is my failed attempt and making yogurt..YUM!


Marvelous is diner food after a night of drinking.  Funny awkward story.  Me and my bloody knee(d) friend go there at 7am the next morning, me in the shirt I wore the night before and sweat pants, same with her.  We get seated next to a table of 4 guys and are already bugging out that we legit rolled out of bed and came here.  The guys had just got their food as we sat, and one guy turns and says “would you 2 ladies like to combine tables, we will wait to eat our food”.  I just looked at my friend and she said no thanks, thankfully.  Why the f would I want to combine my table with a bunch of random guys.  I hate eating in front of people to begin with!  I honestly just ate a real meal in front of BF maybe 2 weeks ago, and I blamed the alcohol.


Marvelous is finally getting a tanline.  Okay maybe it is sunburn but maybe will hopefully turn to tan?! Or just completely peel off.


What Makes Me Happy:  Girl Code.  Seriously, best show ever.  I love guy code, but girl code is so relate-able in each way it’s almost sad.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

Do you like girl or guy code?

Do you peel once you lay out or turn into tan?

Whats your favorite diner foods? Eggs and pickles (not mixed) all the way!

Hello Strangers

23 May

Ahhh I am finally back, I am sorry that I have fell off the grid for over a month.  Best blogger ever!  Honestly only reason was I got so overwhelmed with school and sat at the library or DD til hours of the night.  I have been keeping up with all of yours blogs though I haven’t been commenting,  wordpress on the phone seems to freeze everytime I do leave a comment then I don’t think it ends up leaving it anyway?  Just me?

Now that schools over my YOLO summer has begun.  I really haven’t done anything crazy though lol  My physco organized self actually printed out a calendar for the summer hahaa. 


Working out, as you guys know (if you remember from months ago) I was doing livefit.  I finished the phase 2, but once it got to phase 3.  There was no way in hell I would get off the leg press machine and start doing jump squats lol.  So I pretty much just do phase 1 with some added cardio since I need to be ready for all my summer runs.  I love everything about this program and am so glad I gave it a chance.

My eating has been plain boring.  During school I had them same quick meals daily it was kind of pathetic.  Tuna, eggs, smoothies, etc.  Love them still but pretty boring.  I would get excited if I got enough time to make quinoa haha.

New news too, I have a BF.  Yes, my #foreveralone status is gone.  He’s a nice guy I am still getting use to this whole BF thing, he thinks I am crazy when I say I don’t really no how to be a girlfriend sometimes.  He’s trying to understand why I can go days without talking or seeing him and accept the fact that I do like that alone time of sitting in my bed watching reruns of One Tree Hill on the SOAP network or Lifetime movies all day.  We shall see.


Instead of making this the longest post ever about me eating the same 5 foods and drinking wine like its my job I am gonna stop here and not bore you guys to death.  I will be back though !  I got some good recipes to share (has nothing to do with eggs or tuna don’t worry)

Do you get in a eating rut ever? What are your go to foods?

Do you like your alone time?

What Makes me Happy: School being done.  This was the most anxiety ridden semester I have ever had.  I got through it and got my A’s though.