still without power

4 Nov

my goshhh its almost a week since ive lost power due to sandy.. though i am soso thankful we didnt have any serious damage and everyone is okay and my heart really is going out to everyone its crazy what is going on here.. i urge anyone to go see angela at oh she glows and katie at chocolate covered katie and donate!.. this morning on my run since we have a gas “shortage” there were atleast 75 people standing online with gas cans then atleast 150 cars around the streets lined up, there was actually a shooting at some for people trying to cut in line.. its scary out there and we have a generator thats on the fridge and freezer and we have like 2 days left to fill it up so hopefully by then this gas situation is back to normal.. it makes you think though about how dependent we all are on with our gasoline.. i been walking to dunkin donuts everyday to get my XL pumpkin (oh yesss need me some serious caffeine) and to charge my tele for awhile i could easily drive the 1/4 of a mile but i dont i never do just to go there but hey i def drive to pick up my chinese food thats right next to DD when i get it, its just crazy how much we all depend on it and it will one day run out and that day is def sooner then later and like what are we gonna do then? bc after seeing how people are just from this week i ts sososo scary! but after i get power back i got some awesome recipes for thanksgiving since thats right around the corner!! hope everyone stays safe!

Do you also depend on gasoline a lot more then you think you do?

I know i sure do and def want to somehow cut down on it any ideas?!


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