we have got lights!

7 Nov

ahhhhhh im so happy i have got my power back today! you would never guess but after a few days of not having any all i could think about is when i was gonna be able to vacuum again lol (ocd much) but this gas craze is still ridiculous and with this storm coming tomorrow everyone is going even more crazy but hopefully this will calm down soon its so sad


this is by my brothers house, his house was fine because he lives up a high hill but this is just so sad and i hope everything doesn’t get any more worse with this storm coming ughh </3

onto food, since i been eating the most blah foods this wk without power once i got my power back i made some brown rice and a batch of chili i was just desperate for REAL food and can finally gather up some recipes to try out before i put on here since the holidays are right around the corner

i loveeee this time of year from thanksgiving and christmas.. yess i like the snow but just a few snow falls not like 2 years ago when i had snow on my lawn til april, no bueno. but i also love all the amazing food ! for thanksgiving im in charge of desserts and after years trying out diff desserts to bring i have finally found my menu last year and am just adding to it this year and cant wait to share it with you guys this wk! i also usually make myself just a stuffing because my aunt always has a bunch of diff vegg dishes that i can eat so i do make a non dessert thing to! but as a plus my dessert recipes besides maybe one or 2 which have the option are 100% white sugar free so get excited to be able to indulge because i am!

Okay im off to enjoy having every light on and get ready to finally go back to school tomorrow yayyy! 😉

Hope everyone voted today!

Do you enjoy the holidays and snow?


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