17 Nov

ahhh the weekend is finally here and i cant wait to do absolutely nothing, well except work all day tomorrow and 2 essays due before thanksgiving break.. but still


this was on my run today it was just pretty so i had to stop and take a pic (PS i totally just sprinted up that hill btw, gotta love living by hills)

so running, i had a love hate relationship with it growing up.. i was very fast so it made me good in the sports i played in school (soccer & lacrosse) but if you ever asked me to run over a mile it was torture, i did it and had a 6.28 mile in high school but i just despised it.. after HS i played sports still but not really competitive just because, i couldve went to college to play too but just chose not to..  I then started going to a gym and doing more weight training and the cardio machines was my new workout then got workout videos to change it up so, i loved to work out.  After my overly obsessive stint with working out i cooled it off a bit and started to do yoga which i also enjoyed, during this time i was taking my dog for a walk daily just alil over a mile and one day decided to run to the end of the street i was walking down and it felt good, so each day id run alittle more on our walk and realized i didnt have a feeling i was being tortured while doing it so one day i went for a run to see how far i could go where i didnt feel i was dieing, it was 3 miles, whatt?! i was surprised so i signed up for a 5k on thanksgiving day and did it with my brother and i loved it.. I kept up my running but not really going out of my comfort zone of about 4miles but i did it almost every morning felt great and just fell in love with it but i would realize id be coming home and not even out of breath.. but oh well i was still doing the run right.. then in September of this year i was at a party and his roommates wall was covered in running bids and medals, i wanted that. I wanted to have a wall of medals and running bids, so i talked to him about how to really train for a 10k and im like im going to go out of my comfort zone and just keep running until i couldnt, i easily ran 6miles. so that became my daily run and one day a week i do a long run.. i may have pushed myself alittle to hard at first because i was just excited and went 10 miles right off the bat for my long run but i realized my body wasnt ready yet and now i peaked at 18 miles (2hr and 58 minutes today is my fastest yay!) but im comfortable with that right now im not trying to be super women and really if you told me 2 months ago i would be able to run for 3 hours id think you were crazy, and im not even out of breath just my body is tired so im taking care of myself and making sure i let myself recover (yes i take days off from any working out, crazy!) and am back at it.. i dont do it just to say i ran a marathon (which im totally gonna this summer) i truly enjoy it and am so happy i came out of my comfort zone of running and really see what my body is capable of.. I did get my first medal in october for the rock n roll 10k in the NYC and im hooked! I had a 10k this weekend but its postponed because it was in long beach along the boardwalk which is still underwater 😦 but my thanksgiving day 5k is still on and i cant wait i hope to beat my 25 minutes from last year!

Since I rambled on so much about it ill leave how i fuel my body for my long runs in another post! still learning what my body can and cant handle before and during!

Do you enjoy running/what’s your favorite workout?

How do you fuel for your long workouts?


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