Holidays & ED thoughts

1 Dec

Sorry I been MIA i been swamped with school work.. I know i am done for the semester because im having dreams about citations and ph balances.
Like I said wed i have alot of recipes i want to share but aint gonna be getting to them today, customers and there hair + holidays = a cranky kt. not gonna lie, ill get into work all happy jolly whatever you want to call it and leave so burnt out and cant wait to get out of there, i literally am waiting by the door with my stuff for everyone to be ready to leave by the end of the night lol

but since seeing tons of magazines at the salon all day long i saw so many that i usually would take home and had no interest in it this time.. shape fitness womenhealth etc i use to love these magazines! even some blogs i cant even look at for the time being.
for motivation to work out because you know the story of the full time working mom of 6 had time to be in the gym for 3 hours a day, which hey props to them. but that would leave me like hmm wow all i did was homework today but im tired and dont want to workout so id feel guilty and fall into the comparison trap of oh they can do it why cant i!
then the new diet plans that swore you would lose 5lb by the end of the week, i never REALLY fell into them like me following there exact meal plans but i did try some of them
or doing the lose the holiday muffin top workouts
how to avoid holiday foods or BEAT THE BULGE this holiday season.

comon one way or another everyone eats more then usual during the holidays. I always have even deep in the ED but never to the point I gained 20lbs but hey it is possible for some people. that why i feel magazines and some blogs should just say portion control yes its easier said then done but the point im trying to make is that all these “tips” are pretty much

avoid dessert, avoid anything fried, no cheese!,
skip appetizers there “unnecessary calories”
bring your own dish and only eat that (i do this alot anyway bc of my milk allergy/no meat but will eat other stuff if its possible!)
eat before you go
drink only one glass of wine as your dessert.. well maybe i want a cookie with my glass of wine or im in the mood to get white girl wasted with my coworkers and want more then one glass !

or not just wine, avoid irish coffee and egg nog at all costs
why are all these rules!

i remember as a kid you cared only about hanging with your family playing with all your new presents and ohhh the lasagna, i loved that part about it, because it really only came once a year so i would eat it, id eat sides, id eat appetizers and id eat dessert i just wouldnt go balls to the wall with it but once i developed an ED id still eat everything i normally would, just would feel guilty and usually binge the next few days. this year i aint doing that. last year i enjoyed my holidays so much because i was just starting to recover and seeing all these rules, detoxes, ” the only drink green smoothies on christmas day to avoid being stressed out BS” sure these magazines n stuff are great tools for weight loss but to an extent IMO. im gonna have my cinnamon bun, lasagna, pb trifle AND THEN SOME. i like what alex calls it, wearing her blinders. its so true
all these magazines id listen to whatever they said because hey they know it all i want nothing to really do with anymore especially with having an ED it easily brings me back to those thoughts.
why do these magazines want you to as they say “enjoy” the holidays by doing the most you can possibly do to avoid what the holidays are about., being with family and comon not gonna lie enjoying the food.

enjoy a cookie at the office, not 10. stick to your regular workout routine dont have to go overboard because of a cookie or 2. sample everything at the dinner table dont just go back for 3rd of each thing. drink whatever damn alcohol you want just in moderation.  You shouldnt be trying to lose weight during the holidays, but maintaining your current weight because its really when people are challenged to make good choices for what they’re going to eat.. try to focus one the people your with not just the food!
i aint going late to no parties this year to avoid cheese and crackers
and i sure as hell aint avoiding dessert
and gonna kick negative thinking where it hurts if it tries to come around when im going back for seconds of my damn lasagna

wearing blinders hardcore this week.

How do you feel about all “holiday” avoidance kind of articles?


4 Responses to “Holidays & ED thoughts”

  1. Alex @ therunwithin December 2, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    Yay! Way to go on getting your blinders tweaked. (hey I am sticking with this metaphor…) but really, I hate the hype this time of year. I hate the idea of missing out in order to avoid this magical bulge. In brutal honestly, the average weight gain people boast about IS NOT REAL WEIGHT GAIN. hey you indulge so your body is going to react a little to the new food but give a week of normal life and poof it is gone. I just couldn’t agree more, I am going to try the holiday food, eat what I want and love every second of it.

    • kaityscooking December 3, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

      yess exactly ugh it bothers me so much that crap.. and good you deserve to enjoy all the food!

  2. Devon @ Health in Equilibrium December 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    I HATE those articles! As if you are really going to gain a huge amount of weight after a few parties and big meals. Those magazines are huge contributors to the reasons people have EDs and articles like that have always contributed to my anxiety around the holidays. I’m not even convinced that you should be trying to MAINTAIN your weight over the holidays if it means not enjoying it 100%. Our bodies are resilient and we will reach our happy weights again. Kudos on to committing to wine, cinnamon buns (yum!) and lasagna and do you have a recipe for PB trifle?? It sounds amazing! I want this to be the first Christmas in years that I am truly relaxed and happy, and I think we can both do it binge free!

    • kaityscooking December 3, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

      they def are contributors to ED and always bothered me.. and the PB trifle is the most amazing thing ever.. i make brownies, a vegan chocolate pudding, the pb mousse from and peanutbutter cups and layer it all, its the biggest hit every year.. and your gonna do great this holiday ! any enjoying it all afterwards will keep you being even more positive then u already always are!

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