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What I ate Wednesday- Rainy day

30 Jan

Happy Hump Day!

I was so excited that today was going up to the 50s so I could finally do a run outside, not realizing it’s in the 50s but down pouring all day. fail. I did a kickboxing class last night that’s pretty good and did a quick arm workout before it which is killing me today.  I’m doing the spartan race in June with a few friends (all guys, any girls doing it want to be my friend?!?) and it says you should be able to have the strength to do 25 pull ups.  HA. I can’t do one, I tried.  So I been doing alot of free weights to build up and I’m up to a whopping 9lbs already! I know I know, Im soo strong.  So today I might just go walk on the treadmill for a little with some work because I haven’t actually had a rest day in over a week ! ( I know so bad! )  It has just really been helping with clearing my head so I think that’s why.  But onto food, my meal planning went out the window this week and I could explain! I do my food shopping Mondays and I had everything all planned out Sunday night til I remember I had to do blood tests Tuesday am.  Long story short with these tests I get em once a month and i have to starve fast for 24 hours, yes 24 hours. I always feel bad for the people around me. So I was not doing that to myself and going food shopping that’s just mean lol. Onto food, thank you Jenn for hosting.



it’s weird after I fast I always tell myself I’m going home and eating everything, but I always have that sick to my stomach feeling.  Go figure.  But I forced down some pumpkin oatmeal, mixed in with some cashew butter mmmm.


I also had not one but two coffees, oh yes this is happening.  Here’s my reasoning.  I have to go to a new campus about 35 minutes away, and I get there about an hour early because I’m cool and usually just go to the library.  But by the time I get to school and really need my coffee it’s gone.  So I got a small that I drank on the way and had my coffee  for classes, win win! Not really for my wallet, def cant do that weekly lol.


as you can see what was for my snackish lunch



and I had 2, okay maybe 4 unpictured mound balls, they really are the best mid day!  Those fats keep me full fo eva!



see what happens when I don’t meal plan, I make a bunch of deliciousness. 1/2 a can of cannelloni beans with roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots and kale in hummus and nutritional yeast ofcoarse. 


banana and peanutbutter mmmmmmm

What makes me happy: Rainy days.  As much as I want to go for a run and do errands, sometimes it’s just so much to not. Days like it is here today you are sort of forced (i’ll pretend i am) to sit inside and do nothing. But since that can’t happen I’m forced to do some homework and maybe dvr?!  I just get anexity when I am doing nothing and should be doing something else like walking on the treadmill or doing my errands, so we’ll see how this goes and if I can make it through!

Do you have trouble just relaxing and doing nothing ?! If not, give me your secrets!

What have you been eating lately?


Weekend Musings

29 Jan

Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was cold but a nice relaxing and quiet weekend.  Just what I needed!  Get ready for maddd pictures coming up of my lame weekend.


we ventured out in 20 degree weather to get some sunshine and DD, in costumes.


my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, not really. #loser #missmyschoolfriends


homemade peanutbutter


dinner with the fam & best sesame dressing ever.. seriously!


OH YEAH. you read that right 85 minutes. Coming from the girl who was just bitching last week that I can’t run more then 10 minutes.  Apparently studying for microbiology really makes the treadmill not such a dreadmill. #imsofunny


This beast crawled onto my mat as I’m in yoga class.  I’m not really scared of spiders, but don’t really enjoy them by my face as I’m in downward dog.


So wrong. So true. So funny

What makes me happy: when all my shows are new! best thing ever. I’m a big show person too I just started watching The Carrie Diaries, anyone else?! I’m also a 90210, OTH, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Suits, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, The Hart of Dixie (a new fav, dk why im obsessed) and Survivor, which I am totally trying to go on even if I’d cry within minutes because no-one would want to be my friend hahah. 

Whats your favorite shows?! I always have room for new ones in my dvr! 😉

Banana Millet Muffins

26 Jan

Ahh the weekend, I have nothing planned and I like it! I been going to the gym at night on Saturdays after work and though I’m dieing getting there, I still feel good just getting a little something in.  As for gym boy, he was pretty much doing circles around me yesterday and I saw him looking at me and I tried to catch him a few times but no luck, then I was filling my water and he walked by me and said “hey kaity hows it going” and kept walking, soo awkward lol. Oh well ! Speaking of awkward you know how I told I send my friends the ugliest pictures of me on snapchat. WELL, I got caught. I’m cracking up as I write this but I wash my hair once a week in the winter, I don’t know why but it just never looks bad.  Once it does I’m not the type to push it another day I wash it but not the point.  My one friend doesn’t understand how I could do that, so yesterday I had finally washed my hair and when it air drys I am like mufasa, no joke.  So I sent her a ugly picture, with my hair looking like that and whatever. I would have dealt with accidentally sending it to someone else but no I wrote on it “this is why I don’t wash my hair ever”.  Then accidentally checked this guy and sent it to him also. HAHAHA oh man.  He hasn’t checked it yet it says and hopefully he don’t know even how to use snapchat but I have no idea how I’d even get out of that lol. Lesson Learned. I also deleted any guys that I’d mind seeing a picture like that from snapchat.

But onto other things.  With this snowy weather we been getting and the crazy amount of bananas I had in the house I decided to make muffins. Boy do these hit the spot and make your house smell uhhh-mazing.


To spice things up, and use up some stuff that has been lurking around my pantry for what seems like years, I used millet.

Millet is a tiny grain like quinoa, but has more of a mild sweet flavor.  Not only is it 15% protein, it has a ton of B vitamins, high in iron and calcium plus a ton of more essential vitamins and nutrients! It is also gluten free! I think it has a cornmeal texture when you use it which i absolutely LOVE.  I sub millet for cornmeal when I make cornbread sometimes because I rarely have cornmeal in the house for some reason.


ignore my pretty nails.

Banana Millet Muffins (makes 12)
Adapted for here

  • 2/3 cup millet
  • 1 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour*
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 bananas, mashed
  • 1/2 cup raw sugar
  • 2 tbs coconut oil, melted (veg oil would work)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Preheat your oven to 375.  Place your millet in a food processor or high speed blender until its a fine flour like texture (cornmeal texture!).  Then mix the millet, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and cinnamon in a bowl.  Add in the banana, oil, milk, vanilla, and sugar.  Mix well! Stir in the delicious chocolate chips if using. Place in muffin holders and bake for 18-20 minutes.

*You can sub in any gluten free flour that you like to make these 100% GF!

**I threw the banana and all the wet ingredients into a blender because I’m lazy and worked well, plus the blender was already dirty from the millet so why not lol.


enjoy your weekend!

What makes me happy: my heated mattress pad. I asked for it a few christmas’ ago and my mom isn’t in to all those heat things for fire safety etc.  But she started to feel bad when she saw my room was going down to 30s some nights.  I’m over the garage and my front window is sort of broke, so no matter how high the heat is it’s still cold.  This thing is amazing I use to be that type to love getting in a cold bed when I’m cold, yeah well because I never got into a warm bed.  Best thing ever.  I have been peeling myself out of bed in the mornings because I don’t want to get out.  Do you like cold or warm beds?

Seriously, whats the most embarrassing thing you ever did?!

Versatile Award

24 Jan

Happy Thursday, i’ll be at school all day then hitting up the gym after then coming home to sleep!


I was nominated for the versatile award thanks to Meghan and Tracey ! These things are awesome it’s such a great way to learn about so many bloggers!
For this your suppose to say 7 random things about yourself, I got this.

1. I want to travel, and a top place to go besides harry potter world in Universal is Mont St. Michel in France.  Why you ask? Uhh do you see this place, totally is Hogwarts in real life.


2. I have this in the reminders of my phone when I’m going out, sad but true. Sometimes I add in a “don’t text anyone its not worth” depending the night lol.


3.  I love high heels.  The higher the better.  Actually the other day I had to go to my brothers office and help him with a client and had to dress nice so I wore these 2 inch heels I have for those kind of days and fell as I walked out of the house.  Apparently I can walk in 6 inch heels intoxicated fine yet put me in anything lower I eat grass, literally.


4. Im a beer girl and cannot wait to play this in the summer.


5.  This is pretty random.  So at the gym yesterday I was on the treadmill, sweating like a beast mind you, and a trainer there comes up to me.  Not the one I trained with before another one and said “You are really pretty, and I don’t want to make you feel weird but would you want to hang out one day?”  He was so nervous it was kind of cute and I said “aw yeah” because that’s my answer to everything. (still running and panting/sweating) and he gets all excited and says okay good i cant wait and goes to walk away and i said whats your name anyway? Lol. So weirdddddddd. But we shall see since he forgot to ask my name he obviously doesn’t have my number either so i don’t know whats going to go down.


6. I am obsessed with roller coasters.  I use to go to 6flags every weekend but none of my friends like it now so I get once a year tops out of them, but it’s the best!


7.  I told you before I suck at technology.  My friend introduced me to snapchat the other day and all I do now is send my friends the ugliest possible picture of me at the most random times.  I actually did at the gym after the guy talked to me and wrote “damn i should not brush my hair more often, obv attracts guys”.  One day I will get caught.


Im off to school for the day and hopefully don’t cry today ;-)!

I nominate:

Bridget @ Auntbsgoodgrub

Kimberly @ Mylivefitlife

Samantha @ Manfonhealth

Carissa @ at350degrees

Mai-Lis @ asunshinyday

What makes me happy: Tswifts music.  Sometimes the lyrics really are annoying but they are catchy and really get me going at the gym.  Her “trouble” song, yeah I jam out every morning to it and lucky me it comes on every 5 minutes on a different station score! Do you like Taylor swift?!

What is something random about you?

What I ate Wednesday

23 Jan

Wednesday already ! 🙂

Thanks for your comments and emails about school starting, I got through it.  I MAY have cried a little when I got into class and couldnt understand the teacher, but I gotta get over it lol.
Back to food, thank you Jenn as always !



I was up early and was going to go to the gym but the 3 degrees I woke up too was not getting me outside so I sat on pintrest instead 😉

Old favorite, pumpkin oatmeal



like I said with lunch, it’s more of a bunch of snackage!

Dunkin Pumpkin Coffee


Celery/carrots with madd hummus


Smoothie! Pumpkin green smoothie (more pumpkin woohoo!)


an unpictured apple


going with my meal plans and made my stuffed peppers and sauteed kale, looks kinda sad but was so filling!


with some extra quinoa on the side..


I actually went to the gym after dinner, they have a kickboxing class so I figured I’d try those after my long days at school for the winter.  I got there thinking I’m going to take a sort of easy  (for me kickboxing is not bad) kickboxing class.  No, it’s a full body advanced bootcamp so basically can’t move ma arms and I like it!


came home and had you know the best post workout meal, POPCORN.. my popcorn kick is back and kicking!

What makes me happy: Sushi! I just got into it this summer.  Starting from veggie ones (which peanut avocado & sweet potato are still my fav!) to salmon, and tuna..  Im obv hungry as I write this post and it’s wednesday and makes me want to go out to dinner but NO im sticking to my meal plan lol

What are you eating this week? Are you a sushi fan? If so, what should I try next!?

Meal Planning

21 Jan

Oh mannnn I start school tomorrow ahh. it’s snowing out too.  It barely has this whole month i’ve been off and now that I have to travel bam, snow.  Oh well, snow day?!? 😉


I was having anxiety all week, well actually I still sort of am but am slowly getting over it.  My schedule I made in November dropped because stupid drama with credits and financial aid drama and my one class filled up right away.  I have to go to another campus without any of my friends that I have been with in these classes for over a year.  I was devastated. Plus i’m a baby and don’t like when I don’t know exactly where i’m going and stuff lol. 


So today I forced my friend to come with me to see where I would park and stuff and got some of the books I needed.  That’s why im starting to get less anxiety about it because everything happens for a reason and it may be off I came in this class.  I hope!

So meal planning.  I use to be the best at it but would slowly decrease each time and the brown rice I had in the fridge would just go bad, fail. But with school being back and I have an actual okay schedule with the times they’re at this year hopefully it sticks.


I’m fine with breakfast always and lunch is usually just a bunch of snacky things because it’s usually when i’m walking to my next class.  Dinner however, since it’s just me eating whatever I cook I get lazy and on my way home always think “oh i’ll pick up chinese or a salad”.  Not this week!  I went food shopping today and got all my stuff.  Most of my dinners are for 2 or more so they’ll last a couple days!

Monday & Tuesday: stuffed peppers

Wednesday & Thursday: sweet potato and black bean soup

Friday: Pizza night at my house, aka I get a salad and usually throw some veggies and a sweet potato on the side

Saturday: wing it.  any left overs.  My thing with Saturdays is I’m at work all day and go straight to the gym (woohoo I actually went to the gym at night, I deserve a pat on the back! or a doughnut..) so I’m not getting home until 630-7 which is fine to eat dinner at, but im to lazy to ever make anything then I just want to sit down since I just worked 10 hours.  I tried to eat before the gym but bringing breakfast, lunch AND dinner to work was kind of annoying.  I just gotta plan this day better!

Sunday: same thing I just wing it, I usually go out to eat with my family or something.

I cooked my quinoa for the peppers and cut up enough celery and carrots for the week because I bring them with me for snackage.  Also roasted some veggies to throw in my dinners.  Ah we shall see!

What makes me happy: Disney movies. Especially the old school ones.  Little mermaids my fav but why does ABC family have something against Ariel.  Every other movie was on this weekend!  They just never get old! I cried last night at Mufasa dieing and probably always will.


What are your secrets to meal planning?!

Whats your favorite Disney movie?

Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookie

20 Jan

Hey hey hope everyones enjoying their weekend, I’m exhausted and am already looking forward to sleeping tonight – cool life lol.  I was not feeling to great this weekend, of coarse I been off for a month and go back to school this week so NOW I get sick.  Since the scratchy throat came I still tried to stick to a regimen of healthy eating and working out but at one point all I wanted was cookies, chocolate chip to be exact.  I was going to make my double chocolate chip cookies but happened to be out of oatmeal, what?! So I improvised.  I love using almond meal which is happened to work out even better for my gluten free friend who was stopping over this weekend too.. score !


Chocolate Chip Cookies
(vegan, vegetarian, gluten free)

2 cups almond flour (grind 2 cups of almonds til flour consistency)
1/2 tsp baking soda
3 tbs coconut oil, melted
1 tbs water
3 tbs maple syrup
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 325.  Mix together the almond flour, baking soda.  Then add in the vanilla, coconut oil, water and maple syrup.  Stir in the chocolate chips. Roll into 12-15 balls and bake for 10-12 minutes.  Cool on the pan for 5 minutes as they will harden up a bit! Enjoy :-)!

*If you want to or don’t like coconut oil, use butter! Just as delicious !


What makes me happy: Baking.  I love to cook but I would 100% rather serve any of my baked goods over my dinner any day.  Not that my cooking is bad just I eat some weird, unappetizing looking stuff sometimes and am a perfectionist when it comes to baking.  My baking growing up was every Saturday my sister and I, well I’d try to help I was the annoying little sister would make a box of brownies.  I’m way past that now, though they’re def good !  Once I started baking on my own I wasn’t very good, actually I was horrible.  My poor family would put on a face for me it was hilarious.  My not fully cooked brown rice pudding, or my mint chocolate chip cake that was so minty your toothpaste tasted better.  I’ve come along way since then now they ask me to make the desserts.  From the cookies and my nephews birthday being this weekend that i did alot of baking just shows how really therapeutic it is for me and I really got to start doing it more again!

What did you do this weekend?!