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Hump Day

28 Feb

Happy Wednesday !

Yesterday was unfortunatly that time of the month where I have to fast for 24 hours, so I was being an angry beast all day. So I will post what i ate today, hence the reason this post is so late.


only 8 hours in and I look like I am going to eat my phone.

THank you Jenn as always!



after going to blood tests as soon as the place opened I came right home and had some savory oats.  Since it was all I was thinking about for 24 hours


mmmmm was it good. I of coarse got DD after this too. Then hit the gym for some back/biceps. Oh you 10lb weights ain’t got nothing on me anymore.  Lying a little I was totally dieing but I finished it.



quinoa muffins x 4, can’t get enough of these bad boys.


smoothie of coarse! strawberries, orange, banana, coconut oil, protein powder, spinach and some flaxseeds. could drink this daily.



This is a recycled picture but my dinner was like it, mixed veggie salad with shrimp.  I wish I took a picture of the best garlic bread ever too.  I bet you can use your imagination on what it looks like ! 😉 I want to go back to this place asap just for the bread, maybe i’ll talk A into going?!

Speaking of A.  We are going out tomorrow again after a few days of plans falling through and he asked what I want to do.  I said “i am getting you white girl wasted” (he barely drinks at allllll) and he agreed to it, so hopefully that does the trick into him opening up more :-)!



banana with homemade peanutbutter, pictured half eaten.



What makes me happy: being a genius.  Oh yeah highest grade in the class. Now these people are all crowding around me to be my friend.  Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little.  A person did say they wanted to study with me since I obv no my ish.


Are you a savory or sweet breakfast person?

What are you eating this week?


Monday Shmonday

25 Feb

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was pretty boring, I went out to a bar Friday night but I was a killjoy since I was dd and was getting annoyed at people. lol.  Then Saturday I skipped the gym because I was too tired from being such a partier the night before and Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing, was perfect.

It was however over 40 degrees all weekend, which means outside runs ! Friday I went out to do a short run, 10.5 miles later I was in my zone and totally missing outdoor runs.  Since I wore my old crappy shoes because they are the only ones that are water proof my legs were killing me so I treated myself.


Best thing ever. Check out my freaky partially webbed toe.  My friends all throughout HS made fun of me for it.  We’d go to the beach and they would tell me I had an advantage at swimming races lol

I been studying for my sociology test all day today.  Most boring class ever.  I did however come across this in my book.


Seriously, how many of these do you use?!? YRYOCC ?! I’d punch someone if they said that to me. Not gonna lie.

I made these delicious protein waffles this weekend.  Best thing! Not gonna lie though, one didn’t do it for me.  I had to have 2 and could of probably easily had 3. Either way, can’t wait to make again!


I started doing livefit today.  I will make a full post about that soon.  After wanting to try it for about a year now but I was to afraid to let go of my cardio for a whole month I finally gave it.  I do however do a 5-10 minute warmup on the elliptical and may do a run outside once a week if my body allows it, otherwise I am giving 100% to this program.  YAY.

I did also do Courtney’s Ab workout which felt great! I was to lazy and tired to go to the gym Sunday so I did a short 2.5 mile run outside again (couldn’t do longer, those sneakers killed me friday!) then came home and did this. Loved it.

Watching the Oscars were pretty boring to me, but I do however love to see what people wear. I think Amanda Seyfred’s dress was my top fav! Also, Jennifer Lawerence made me love her even more.


I just made some quinoa muffins for school for the week, love these things.  Duke isn’t a begging kind of a dog at all.


I am off to go back to the library to do some more of this.


Yes that is a caramel cawfeee.  I am starting to feel it.

What makes me happy: Will Ferrel Posts. Cracks me uppp.


Anyone else have some weird unique stuff about them like my freak toe?

Whose dress did you like the best at the Oscars?

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

22 Feb

Yayy for it being Friday. I don’t know about you but this week has dragged for me.  I didn’t sleep at all Wednesday night either. Maybe because I had a gallon of coffee during the day, or just had my test the next day, but I was just sitting in bed all night til I finally decided to get up and study at 4 am.  I had my date with A last night.  I don’t know what to think of it to tell you the truth.  He’s such a sweetheart and everything but since he’s so shy and then I was just straight up awkward I don’t know how to really judge it.  I think I am the type who has to say and do some weird stuff right off the bat so he knows my personality but I was to chicken to do any of that last night.  Maybe next time if I decide to go out again I need to go to a better place, love the movies but can’t really talk much.. Or I need a few glasses of wine in me so I can let loose 😉


Onto food, I made these delicious cookies when I was on my little baking spree and they instantly became a new favorite.  They really taste like a cinnamon roll in cookie form.  Cookie form, they are not these so don’t expect that lol.


Cinnamon Roll Cookies
1/4 cup ground flax (with 1/4 cup water)*
1/4 cup almonds
1.5 cups of date
1 tbs cinnamon
¼ cup butter**
2 tbs raw sugar (i used stevia and i liked it better)
2 cups oats

2 tbs vanilla protein powder
1 tbs almond milk
stevia to taste***
Preheat oven to 400. Mix the ground flax with the water and set aside to thicken up.  Place the almonds in a food processor or high speed blender until a flour consistency.  Add the rest of the ingredients and blend well.  Place in little balls on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes or until bottom is golden. Remove and let cool completely.  Mix the ingredients together for the frosting and swirl it around on the cookies. (I put the icing in a ziploc and cut of the zip and swirled it on.) Makes 20 cookies.

*instead of the flax egg you can use 1/2 cup eggs as a substitute.
**i have tried coconut oil in place of the butter and it’s good but doesn’t give it as a cinnamon bun taste. Def good though!
***i used a few drops of stevia but you can use powdered sugar just add more milk.



I am off to the gym.  Okay I lied I want to go to the gym but I am still in my pajamas and my bed couch is looking comfy.  Yesterday I went to the gym after class and knew I shouldn’t have because I was just tired I ran for 10 minutes and maybe did 5 bicep curls and gave up.  lol

What makes me happy: mexican night tonight, yumyum so excited!

What are you up to this weekend?

Who else pulled all nighters and took days to get back to feeling normal? Hate it!

WIAW- What he finally said…

20 Feb

Those words I been so afraid to hear him say for months that may have no meaning to some but mean the world to others..the words “we don’t have pumpkin coffee anymore” may have killed me alittle yesterday..


i just stood there not knowing what to get til they handed me a caramel coffee. This is not the face of a happy caramel coffee drinking girl. lol. Onto Wednesday, thanks jenn as always.


I have been having savory oats all week and was excited to finally have a picture of something different for wiaw breakfast, but BAM.  Ran out of oatmeal.


2 eggs o/e, sweet potato and kale sauteed in coconut oil with nutritional yeast on top ofcoarse!


Prepare to get your mind blown.  I have switched it up!  Since weight training I really wanted to up my protein but just not have protein shakes throughout the day because well, been there done that and I am a lunatic when I do that.  So I started adding so fish here and there.  I had a can of tuna with some hummus and avocado in place of mayo (swear I did even though it so looks like I didnt haha) on a slice of ezekiel and some leftover brussel sprouts from night before. Was not the best choice of eating this in the car on the way to my other class, but it worked out.  I also of coarse had smoothies!



I go straight from the gym after school so I just need a quick fix to hold me over until dinner, so an apple always comes in handy.



I rushed home from the gym and since I am soooo good at meal planning I had nothing to eat.  I had to be out of the house in 45 minutes to study so I made about a cup of quinoa while I showered then through in some peas, couple spoonfuls of nutritional yeast and topped it with an egg.


So good. Such an ugly picture. Blogger Fail.


I got home about 930 and was hungry but was in that weird predicament if I should go to sleep or just eat something quick.  Food won, food always wins:-)!


Chocolate Mousse. An avocado mashed with cocoa powder and maple syrup with a banana. Best<3

Thanks for the advice with A! I cant wait to go just to tell you guys about it hahah

What Makes Me Happy: people watching. Huge hobby of mine! I have horrible eyesight so I can’t take a quick glance to see what someone is doing I have to stare then focus lol.  At the gym yesterday I couldn’t help but watch this one girl.  She set up her own little sanctuary looking thing in the middle of the free weight section with a weight on each corner of a yoga mat, 3 notebooks, a few snacks, water, a huge towel (like beach one), and magazines.  What was funny she was would go to the punching bag, punch it 10x then walk back sit on the mat and stretch her legs.  She did this 8x, I know I counted. Can’t wait to see what weird people are at my gym today!

Do you like to people watch? If so, what’s the weirdest/funniest thing you’ve seen?

What is your favorite source of protein?

busy doing nothing

19 Feb

Hey guys, sorry I been MIA this week! I was working nonstop friday-sunday and studying every chance I get because all tests are this week, eekkk.


First and foremost, I never found out who the flowers were from.  I sort of think I know because he was one of the only guys I thought would have who asked me who did it then apparently “jokingly” said he did.  Who knows. Lol


Speaking boys.  Okay you know gym boy who half ass asked me out then awkwardly sees me at the gym and avoids eye contact.  Yeah when he asked me out I didn’t say this on here because I didn’t wanna sound mean toward him because I didn’t think he’d be a chicken shit and never talk to me again lol but there was this other trainer that I have had a crush on since I started. (yes you would think there is 50 trainers at my gym but so far the 3 I have mentioned are the only ones lol)  But problem was I never talked to him haha.  My bestfriend trained with him and said she was gonna introduce us, little did I know that meant she was just going to go up to him and tell him I thought he was cute.  Great 2 people I get to awkwardly see now.  Well so happens I ran into him at the bar this weekend and score, got a date this week.  Instead of gym boy #2 we will call him A.


First dates though.. Amanda was talking about it the other day but really, they suck ! Dinner and movie is when that awkward let me reach for my pocket book because I don’t know if I am paying thing goes on.  Conversation? This guy is SOO shy and I am the total opposite.  I hope he enjoys talking about microbiology and quinoa muffins because that’s my life ATM.


Now I need some advice.  Should I tell him about gym boy’s little ask out wannabe weird stunt, or just avoid it because it really wasn’t a big deal??  I think way to into things! 

In other news, my weekend was boring.  I had madd smoothies because for a weird reason it was all I craved


and been weight lifting and LOVING it.  A trainer came up to who helps me with all of my obnoxious questions (this is just the one whose trained me before, no ask outs haha) about machines. Yeah, he pretty much gave me a free session showing me diff workouts when it was arm day, I was dieing and could not lift anything the next day. Loved it.  I can’t wait to write out the plan I am doing, it’s pretty much 5 diff plans with moves I like added it but so good.

Yesterday I also did Brookes workout but instead of running I did burpees, why? I still am asking myself that because I was dead by the end of each set.


I went food shopping because I am getting sick of not having fresh produce. frozen peas and broccoli all week gets boring quick.


Yeah pretty much sums up my weekend.


What makes me happy: avocados on sale ! 6 pack for $2. Dont mind if I do.  Bring on the guacamole and chocolate mousse. (<–spell check totally fixed that haha)

What did you do this weekend?

Another random question, you know the video icon things you put on blogs.. How come I can’t save them as a video?  Like, if i save it it just saves as a still picture. Lol if that makes ANY sense at all!


Quinoa Vegetable Muffins

14 Feb

Thanks for all the awesome tips about weight lifting ! Im loving doing it so far.  I obv try to look like Mrs. America when I go to the gymImage

I got a good amount of emails about my quinoa muffins, I’m so excited to share it with you I have made them 3x already! Perfect to bring to for school 🙂


Quinoa Vegetable Muffins
2 cups cooked quinoa
1 cup egg Whites
2 Whole eggs
2 cups chopped vegetables*
1/2 cup nutritional yeast*

1 tbs soy suace
1 clove of garlic, minced
salt/pepper (optional)

Preheat oven to 350. Whisk the eggs and egg whites in a bowl.  Stir in veggies, nutritional yeast, soy sauce and quinoa. Scoop mixture into oiled muffin tins.  Bake for 40 minutes. Makes 12-20 regular sized muffins.

*Vegetables I have used so far:
1/2c onion, 1/2c pepper and 1 cup spinach.
1/2c onion, 1/4c zucchini, 1/4c pepper, 1 cup kale
just make sure they are chopped very small!

*If you want to substitute vegan or regular cheese for the nutritional yeast you can, tastes just as good!


On another note, as today being Valentines Day, I was suppose to go out with a friend but we went out for sushi last night instead.  I came home to this on my car


So cute, too bad I don’t know who it is from ! Like the coffee thing, I just don’t get it.  I said it was my parents but they would tell me by now lol I apparently have a valentine, score. I think.

Right now I am sitting my butt on the couch stuffed from the lobster my dad bought me for vday :-)! It was my first time having it and I enjoyed it, would never order it at a restaurant I was eating that thing like an animal.

What Makes Me Happy: My show survivor is back on! ekkkkkk. I have to go on that show, I know I have said it before.  I really gotta look into how to get on it. I’d kill it !  Orrrrrr i’d sit in the corner and cry if people talked about me.

Are you a survivor fan?

Whats your favorite way to eat quinoa? I really need to get some new ways !

What I Ate On the Weekend

13 Feb

Since my wednesdays have been pretty boring, celery hummus oatmeal. I figured I’d show you what I ate while

being trapped in my house all weekend.  Be prepared to barely see any vegetables and get a sugar high just looking 🙂


attempt at single serving brownie with banana soft serve and “magic shell”


cinnamon bun cookies


quinoa cups aka best thing eva


single serving crumb cakes


chocolate chip pancakes. butterflies! Id show you the flowers to but my nieces already devoured them. Def a keeper


chocolate chip skillet cookie cake!


Shrimp with mixed vegg, looks pathetic but was good, had to get some veggies in there!


Snickers and Coconut Mounds


salmon with grilled veggies, first time having cooked salmon. loved it!

That about sums up the weekend. I did have some chips and green smoothies thrown into the mix but who wants pics of that 😉

what are you eating this wednesday?

Random, I’m making up a weight lifting program because my body is starting to need a break from the treadmill.  I kind of just go with it but really need a plan when it comes to lifting.  Anyone have any good suggestions?!