The Root to it all..

1 Mar

Hey Hey!

So I got a good amount of emails asking about the 24 hour fasts. I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now but thought it was kind of all over the place every time I tried.  It long people, so beware!
When first starting restricting your food intake I think people have different reasons.  Whether it is to lose weight, depression, etc.  Mine was for control.  I said this before there was something I could not control in my life and that really was the root to all of it.  It is going to sound really random but it was acne.

I had never ever had even a pimple growing up, ever.  Then one day I was in the hospital for a tooth surgery reason and I could not eat barely anything that week because I had this freaking instrument sticking out of my mouth.  That week I had gotten my period.  I guess my body went into a weird sort of shock from not eating OR working out which I had already done normally that I had finally got my period after probably a year.  Okay, so I am becoming a girl, thought nothing of it. 

The month later when I probably should have got it, I of coarse didnt.  Again thought nothing of it.  Instead I had got this horrible cystic acne all around my face.  I was a 21 year old girl getting acne for the first time, wtf.  I was deep into veganism at the time and really was feeding my body correct that I was trying to treat it the holistic way.  I spent hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, washes, etc. Nothing.  I had a obsession with my face that anything I did or put on it now would make me break out.  I held the phone away from my face like a crazy person when I would talk on it, my pillow case was changed DAILY.  Plus, if I woke up with another pimple in the morning and say I ate soy sauce the night before.  Soy sauce was out.  Peanutbutter? Hell no.  I was starting to cut everything out because I thought certain foods were making me breakout.  I tried going on birth controls but my body kept rejecting it and I’d get my period for months straight. No thanks I rather not get it.  Unless however, it did clear my face, which it didn’t.  I was on the “clear skin” diet pretty much.  I believed that food was the cause of this acne breakout because this is what I was reading all over the internet.  Brown rice and barley however was suppose to be good for the skin AND it made me wake up with no extra pimples.  Meaning, I ate that daily.  But I also read don’t eat to much of these grains, only about 1 cup daily.  So even more of a decrease in my foods. 

One day when I wore these pants (more on that in a diff post) to work, I got so many compliments how skinny I looked.  I did not see how much weight I was dropping since I was fixated with my damn face.  I told my mom about all these compliments and she said yeah your getting to skinny are you getting enough protein?  Like any worried mother would say to her daughter vegan.  Since I haven’t calorie counted in years at this point I went on the computer and typed in my day of eats and was barely 800 calories.  My day consisted of 1/2 c of fruits with oatmeal, a PLAIN salad with maybe alittle balsamic vinegar,  stiryfry with veggies and brown rice (only 1 cup!) and as a snack since “everything” made me break out was a sweet potato.  Yeah I love my sweet potatoes but as a dessert every night.  Go figure, I love my popcorn!

I then centered planning my food and realized I cannot control how I look on my face, but I can make my body look how I want it to.  The weight just came off.  Then the scale obsession started.  I can control what that number will say so I loved it.  I sound like I was all happy and giddy that I can make a number be what I wanted to or eat exactly what I wanted.  When really, I was as depressed as you could get.  I’d cry when my “magic foods” weren’t working, or of coarse if that scale didn’t listen to me!

I was probably deep into this way of eating for about 6 months.  Enough for my blood pressure to drop to levels that I don’t know how I was functioning, my hair to begin fall out, and my skin to even look crappier.  Top if off I avoided everything and everyone.  I hated going to school and wouldn’t talk to anyone.  I absolutely despised going to work because I am a cosmetologist, who wants beauty tips from someone who skins was a wreck.  I hated that the most, customers that gave their input of what worked for them, wash your face! No shit sherlock.  I was in denial though.  I went for tons of blood tests to see if I was getting enough of my nutritional needs for my 800 calorie diet and lucky me I was.  Luckily, I then came across the blog world which saved me.  These people ate real food in humane amounts and looked so happy and duhhh had clear skin.  I ended up upping my intake but I still had this food obsession of eating only certain foods.  After another blood test, I had a hormone imbalance and pretty much too much testosterone in my body which was part cause of the acne.  Meaning food was not going to cure this.  Trust me, after I found out this news I was on the hormone balance diet which was pretty close to my normal diet. 

I had finally got it through my head that I cannot cure this with just food and that all the holistic creams in the world would not help.  I went to the dermatologist.  He tried me on medications but I would get allergic reactions to it and just be rashy and itchy.  Then he finally tried some water pill which he was hesitant to try because I was already skinny with naturally low blood pressure (at this point it went up to it’s normal levels but I already have low bp).  But I was willing to try anything at this point so I promised him I’d watch my bp like I already did and go from there.  Bam! A month in I cleared up.  I got my hair, confidence, and life back.  I actually wanted to go out with friends and wasn’t scared of certain foods anymore.  However, this non acne face lasted from Dec-July. 

July comes, I get my period.  Yes, I haven’t had it since all the birth control experiments about a year before.  My body did a 180 again and tadaaa the acne had returned.  When I first went to the Dermatologist he wanted right away to put my on Accutane.  Yes, Accutane.  If you haven’t heard of it you may have only heard bad things about it, like I did.  So that’s why I didn’t want to try it right away but now that my medication that worked before wasn’t anymore I was willing to do anything!

I gave in to the Accutane.  Though I heard horror stories about it, each person telling the story had a clear face.

Since November I have been on this medication and it is a miracle drug.  Not only is my face clear, but I again got my life back. I have confidence to talk to people again and am not afraid to eat sugar, flour, or drink coffee (obviously).  Each month I got to go for blood tests and a pregnancy test because like I said this pill means business.  The first blood test I went for I did the regular “don’t eat anything after dinner” fast before it, but my doctor said I had high levels of whatever it was and to do a 24 hour fast instead before it to prevent this.  I got 2 months left and hopefully never again have to go back on it again, but we shall see!

Have you ever suffered from acne? If so, anything work for you?


23 Responses to “The Root to it all..”

  1. crimeangurl March 1, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    This is very interesting as I’m trying a dietary approach to curing acne (and blogging about it) at the moment. I’ve completely cut out grains, legumes, milk products + anything processed. I plan to stick with this for three months before making any conclusions. I am glad to have read your story as I am the type of person who could easily follow the same path.

    • kaityscooking March 5, 2013 at 1:35 am #

      i am so glad i found you i been reading all of your stuff and i like that your are trying this and keeping track about it! i cant wait to see the final results i really hope it works for you!

      • crimeangurl March 5, 2013 at 4:00 am #

        Thank you! Every time I read people’s posts about how dramatically their skin has improved from this and that, I always wish they would provide more details and, most importantly, include some before and after pictures. There are many people on the internet who constantly make contradictory claims, so it is nice to have some sort of visual confirmation that what they are preaching is not a total BS. So I’ve decided that it would be cool to have a photo-documented experiment 🙂

  2. Kerry @ Totes My Oats March 1, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your story, Kaity! I’m so glad everything is working for you right now and that you found the blog world!!!

  3. Court Star @ StarSystemz March 1, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

    Hey Kaity! I had THE worst acne growing up + was vegan for over 3 years ( hair lost + the 800 calorie diet 😦 too! ) My acne went away with proactiv + ridding of dairy helped me a lot. The allergies + stress from not eating enough made my face break out even worse even after ridding of the dairy. Now that I eat a well balanced diet + use proactiv with my clairsonic my acne is gone! Just the few little pimples from dirt/weather change or during my period but NORMAL not out of control. I am happy to hear the acutane is working for you. My girlfriend used it and her skin has been clear for over 5 years! Have a great weekend 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar

    • kaityscooking March 5, 2013 at 1:33 am #

      i am soo happy to hear that worked for you !! i tried proactive too just didnt do anything and i know i heard dairy isnt great for the skin and thats why i would get so upset too bc i am allergic to it so i had no idea why it was so bad!! thank you though!

  4. Running In Heels March 2, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

    I am so happy to hear that you have found something that is working for you!! Good luck girl!

  5. Natalie March 3, 2013 at 12:51 am #

    Thanks for sharing Kaity! I too had bad acne growing up, the under the skin painful hard pimples that would last for weeks it seemed! The only thing that helped for me was birth control but I soon came off it due to mood-swings. Oddly enough it kind of just cleared up on its own with the odd few breakouts during period time. I’m glad you’ve found something that works!

    • kaityscooking March 5, 2013 at 1:14 am #

      a bunch of my friends say birth control works so well on them.. your hormones must of been out of whack and now all straightened up, so thats awesome! so happy that worked for you!

  6. Brittany @ DulceVie March 3, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this with us Kaity. I have had bad acne for about 5-6 years now. Yeah. I am tired of it. I have tried absolutely everything- proactiv, clinique, antibiotics, creams, you name it! I have been seeing dermatologists for 3 years now… and I still have acne. My acne is finally dying down now, but I still have red scars (red dots) left on my face. It is so frustrating having acne when everyone else seems to have clear skin! The most annoying thing is when my friends have clear skin and they NEVER wash their faces! Anyway, I am so happy that you shared this with us. My brother will be starting acutane soon but he is terrified of it (from all of the horror stories).

    • kaityscooking March 5, 2013 at 1:04 am #

      I am so sorry to hear that brittany, acne sucks! have you tried a microdermabrasion? when my skin would start clearing up but i had the random dots that worked pretty well.. and i know the ones who dont take care of the face what so ever have the best skin! lucky people! i hope you find something that works soon!

      • Brittany @ DulceVie March 5, 2013 at 2:24 am #

        Thanks Kaity! I have tried a microdermabrasion and it does wonders. I just don’t like walking around school with a peeling face.. ick! I think that my new medicine is really working though 🙂

  7. cleaneatingveggiegirl March 3, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    I can absolutely relate to this post. I had the occasional bouts of acne growing up, but it was not until my senior year of college that my acne got bad…and I mean BAD! I had horrible cystic acne that was not only painful and awful looking, but it made me feel incredibly self-conscious and depressed. Like you, I ended up resorting to Accutane because I was really willing to try anything at that point. I was on Accutane from June of 2010 to December of 2010. I am happy to say that I now get the occasional zit/pimple, but have not suffered with the serious cystic acne that I was experiencing before (knock on wood! ;)). Accutane seems to have worked for me, though it definitely has some pretty crazy side effects, so I can definitely say that it is more of a “last resort” and is not for everyone. I hope you experience great and long-lasting success with Accutane, as well :).

    • kaityscooking March 5, 2013 at 12:23 am #

      yeah its crazy how it got the worse as you got older too.. i am soo happy to hear it worked for you and still has ! def a last resort but i was desp enough !

  8. Brittany March 3, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

    Oh my goodness! What a story, I get acne on my face and chest a lot when I am stressed. My chest frustrates me the most, but at least I can cover it. I’m glad you found something that works for you, and fingers crossed it always will!

  9. Jen @ Existential Evolution March 4, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    Wow, what a story Kaity. So sorry to hear about your struggles and hopefully you’ll be able to put this all past you soon and move on with your life. Thanks for being so open and honest with your challenges because those types of stories really inspire and motivate others!

  10. jessiebearwhat March 6, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    oh man I didn’t see this post! That’s brutal. I never had it as bad as you had it, but I struggled with acne for a couple years when I was younger. I found out later that I was allergic to scented detergent so I had to buy the dye free/scent free stuff. That would suck for that to come on when you’re older though! You’re such a trooper!

  11. aftertheivyleague March 6, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    Oh my gosh, what a story! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. I’ve never suffered from severe acne, but I did try proactiv back in the day because I’ve never had a 100% clear complexion (at least, for my perfectionist tendencies). I’ve found a routine that works pretty well for me, but foods def cause me to break out sometimes too. Too much grease is a bad thing for my face!

  12. moderngirlnutrition March 6, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    So sorry you had to go through all that!:(


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