Wednesday- Spring Breaking it up

27 Mar

Half way through a week that I wish would slow downnn. Tomorrow is that time of the month and I have to starveeeee again.  I am pretty sure this is the last month i forgot but hopefully so yayyy!

On to food, nothing new but good as alwayssss! Thanks to Jenn for hosting!



Had the usual pumpkin oatmeal with an egg white, the best.  With some cawfeeeee on the side.


btw I used a diff bowl just to switch up the pictures, LOSA!

I then went to the gym for my leg workout.  I am sore today, loving it!



Sort of pathetic looking.  I ate all, well close to all the brussel sprouts before I took a picture sorrrry.  With half a can of refried beans and some hummus and salsa on top.  The best.



pumpkin protein muffin


A bit prettier then my chocolate banana one haha


Easy dinner.  I marinated some tofu then threw the tofu, cut up sweet potato and green beans in the oven and roasted it all up for about 40 minutes.


They were maple sweet potato fries to be exact, scary looking but uhhhmazing!

Cut up 2 sweet potatoes then toss with 2 tbs pure maple syrup and 2 tbs melted coconut oil (olive oil can be used) then bake on a cookie sheet 425 degrees for 15 minutes then turn over and cook another 20 minutes.




Peanutbutter with an apple.  That’s my cool measuring shot glass. I only use it for peanut butter because it’s my main set off for binges.  So I need portion control with it because I can easily eat the entire jar.

What makes me happy: I went to the store the other day because I needed new leggings and came across these hot numbers.  I must be so out of style because I don’t own either and the store was mainly filled with them.


Anyone doing anything exciting this fine Wednesday?

Any new eats?


Randomness Tuesday

26 Mar

Hello Hello! Today is my first time turning on my computer since my last post Saturday.  Feels good to get away from it for awhile.  My spring break has been out of controlllll. I spent all of Sunday hungover in my bed watching Harry Potter.


I did get out of bed however to make some of her waffles ! Can’t get enough of these.

Seriously, so me. If I have to shut the light off I throw pillows.  #lazygirlproblems

I also had a ceremony for getting asked to be in the honor society at my school, top 5% in the school HOLLA.  Well we had to write down our name, major, and thank yous.  I figured they’d be reading it while we are in our seat so I didn’t get all serious on it.  Instead I wrote “thank you to my family and my study buddies from school”.  I said study buddies like a losaaaa.  Well we had to get called on stage, stand alone, as these read this.  I was dieing like the immature person I am.  Everyone laughed and I just stood there twirling my hair.  People are writing “thanks god, professors etc.” I write “study buddies”.  Top 5% right there.

Btw has anyone tried fluff shots.  Marshmellow vodka.. Oh my where have you been all my life.  That stuff is dangerous.


I added cardio back in on Monday and thought I was going to literally die from not doing any for a month and I beasted it.  I was sprinting for 30 minutes pretty much it was great.  Speaking of the gym, like the new shirt a friend got me.


Hahah, I crack myself up for the way I act.  Def caused a stir in the gym.  YOLO.  Btw check out my friend who took the pic, doesn’t she look like the grim reaper creeping haha.

Food wise this weekend, I tried a new to me dish again since I am such a foodie.  It was a red snapper with a coconut glaze topped with coconut.  Oh my was it amazing! Also was the best broccoli.  Isn’t it weird how something you eat daily can be soo good when someone else makes it lol


Horrible picture, people I was with already thought I was a freak for taking a picture.  But then the flash lighting up the whole booth. Yeah they wanted to leave me there haha.

Also had some all you can eat sushi since you know, I got through phase 1 of livefit ofcoarse..


The plates are separate because the waitress “didn’t want me to waste food” and didn’t think I’d eat it all.  So once I finished the first half she then bought the second half out.  Wtffff does it matter I am paying for it either way!  Anyways, does she know who I am and I don’t like to waste food either. 


My garbage men have apparently been hating on me the past 3 times this week.  They put the pail right in the middle of the driveway leaving me to have to get out and move it before I get in the driveway.  Kill me moment.  Haters gonna hate.

I am out of it, I know this is the most random post I promise to post a recipe this week!

What are some desserts you make/have for Easter? I want to mix it up and need some ideas!

What is your favorite thing to watch on those days you don’t move from the couch/bed?  I will never get sick of Harry.

Phase 1- Livefit

22 Mar

Woooo Spring Break finally!  I am so looking forward to not doing anything.  I do have plans to have a harry potter marathon and eat donuts for one whole day.  I am such a party animal.  But other exciting news, I finished phase one of LiveFit today and followed the workouts to a tee.  Yes I did no cardio for 4 wks.  I deserve a freaking medal, or a donut. 

Since I suck at life I don’t really have before/after pictures because honestly, I know I’d beat myself up over it.  Wasn’t going down that road.  Plus because I am not really doing this for looks, I really want to be a hulk and be able to lift man weights at the gym.  Ok not exactly, but I do want some serious muscle because with all my running I have done over the year I seem to have lost a good amount of muscle.  Also, doing the spartan race and the survival race (anyone in NY wanna do this with me?!) I want to be able to beast through the obstacles so.  Since I haven’t taken pictures, I have been writing down the weights I do.  Which I love has drastically changed since my first day joining the gym and dieing doing 2lb curls.

The first 2 weeks are workouts split over 4 days.  This was very hard because I can easily go to the gym daily because its “my time” sort of thing.  BUTTTT i didn’t.  Okay some Saturday mornings I would go for about a half hour and just do an ab workout, but that’s it!

Week 1 & 2

This is the muscle-endurance phase.  The goal is to prepare your muscles for a strength-training program that will also promote muscle growth.  During these first two weeks you do 3 sets of 12 repetitions per exercise, resting 60 seconds (give or take) in between each set.  These are both amounts of weight I did in week 1 then 2.

leg extensions 80lbs-80lbs
leg press 130lbs-130lbs
wide stance squat 40lbs-50lbs
seated leg curl 50lbs-60lbs
stiff leg deadlift 40lbs-50lbs
standing calf raises 90lbs-90lbs

Wide Pushups
Dumbbell bench press 40lb-50lb
Cable Flies 20lb-20lb
Narrow Pushup
Standing dumbbell tricep extension 12.5lb-15lb
Tricep Pushdown 40lb-40lb

Wide grip lat pull down 40lb-40lb
One-arm dumbbell row 15lb-15lb
Seated cable row 65lb-70lb
Underhand cable pulldown 30lb-30lb
Dumbbell alternate bicep curl 10lb-10lb
One arm dumbbell preacher curl 8lb-8lb
Standing biceps cable curl 20lb-25lbs

Seated dumbbell press 30lb (55lb on machine)-30lb
Standing dumbbell T raise 15lb-15lb
Side Lateral Raise 10lb-10lb
Exercise ball crunch 20lb-20lb
Bicycle crunch

A lot of these exercises as you could see I wasn’t changing the weight the next week because I really just couldn’t.  That’s okay though, my perfectionist self isn’t coming out in this workout if I can’t do something I won’t force it.  (big step for me!)  I was hurting from these workouts.  A good hurt of coarse, but def hurting.  I was in and out of the gym in 35 minutes which again, a big change for me as I could run on the treadmill for 2 hours if I wanted to.  This meant I had more time to hang out with friends, go shopping, blog, sleep, study!

Week 3 & 4

Weeks 3 and 4 marks the first workouts of the muscle-building portion.  This time you are really pushing yourself.  You now workout 5 days, one day now doing whichever body part you choose to do 2x a week.  I chose legs.  Also you are now doing 3 sets of 10 reps. So my leg portion will have 4 sets of weight for 2 of each week. 

leg extensions 85lb/90lb-95lb/110lb
leg press 150lb/155lb-175lb/180lb
wide stance squat 45lb/45lb-50lb/55lb
seated leg curl 65lb/65lb-70lb-75lbs
walking lunge 40lb/40lbs-50lb/50lbs
single leg deadlift 25lb/25lb-35lb/35lb
standing calf raises 110lb/130lb-210lb-230lb

Wide Pushups
Dumbbell bench press 50lb-55lb
Flat bench flies 25lb-30lb
Decline flies 20lb-25lb
Standing dumbbell tricep extension 12.5lb-15lb
Tricep kickback 12.5lb-15lb
Bench dips
Tricep cables 30lb-50lb
Skull crushers 20lb-30lb

Wide grip lat pull down 45lb-50lb
Hammer lat pull down 40lb-50lb
Narrow grip row 75lb-85lb
Back extensions
Bent over barbell row 40lb-50lb
Dumbbell alternate hammer curl 12.5lb-15lb
Incline dumbbell curl 20lb-30lb
Standing barbell curl 20lb-30lbs

Seated dumbell press 30lb-20lb
Dumbbell front raise 25lb-30lb
Arnold press 20lb-25lb
Bent over rear delt raise 15lb-25lb
Side Lateral Raise 10lb-7.5lb
Roman chair crunches
Oblique crunches

I want to say because as I was writing these I got all confused.  If it says something like “seated dumbbell press 30lb” I did 15lb dumbbells in each hand.  Not that hulk(y) yet!  This portion was a little bit longer in the gym but for the most part a lot of the same exercises.  I did however add a few leg ones and take a couple out because I just can’t use those machines lol.

Overall, I am loving this program.  I wanted to weigh myself at one point but then realized I am not ready for that yet.  Plus, I didn’t see the reason to after that initial thought.  I see a lot of definition coming back though.  My clothes, I don’t know.  Some days they fit tighter other days they don’t.  My butt however which is already big, is getting ginormous looking.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, just from behind I look like a wide load coming through haha.  Although I miss cardio, I have really liked my workouts being so short.  This next phase is the “leaning out” phase.  Thirty minutes of moderate cardio is added back in.  Maybe with the weather getting somewhat nicer I will run to and from the gym.  Gas is getting too expensive for my broke ass.  Wish me luck in next phase, this crazy lady thinks I am doing 30 pullups next week?! This should be interesting!

What makes me happy: DD trips with the kids, I am mature and tell them to make faces to people when they walk in.  Plus I wanted to finish my coffee so I had to keep them busy for a little 😉Image

Have you ever done any weight lifting programs? Livefit?

Has strength training really helped anyone with their running/cardio?

Other news, What are you up to this weekend?

What I ate Wednesday

20 Mar

Score for it being Wednesday!  Only one more day of classes til my Spring Break!  I for once am not going on vacation so I am excited to just relax!  Thank you Jenn for hosting!


I been feeling so crappy and taking shots of Nyquil at 8pm to get some good sleep.  Yet today woke up and it was one of those days I just had no appetite and had to force food down all day.  I tried to keep it simple though.  I started it with some savory oats.  So good.


Savory Oats

2 large leaves of kale (about 2 cups)
coconut oil
1/2 cup oats
1.5 cups water
1.5 tbs nutritional yeast
1 egg
1 egg white

In a pan melt enough coconut oil to cover the pan then place the washed and torn up kale in it and cover the pan.  Let it steam for about 5 minutes (keep checking that it doesn’t burn and stick to the pan.  Add some water to prevent this).  Once down place the kale in a bowl.  Now place oats in a pot with water and cook according to directions.  Stir in the nutritional yeast then place cooked oats on the kale.  While that’s cooking cook an egg and egg white and place on the oats once cooked.  Enjoy!


I bought to green smoothies and was planning to just stop home for lunch.  Instead I skipped my 2nd class because I felt so crap, yet went out to lunch with my friend instead.  I just got a salad with a massive amount of hummus and grape leaves, the best!




I made it to the gym after lunch though for a quick back/bicep workout.  Afterwards I had another ugly banana protein muffin.



I was not in the mood for ANYTHING.  I just wanted to sleep.  Nothing sounded appetizing but I know I had to shove something down.  So more oatmeal it was.  This time I mixed in a scoop of chocolate protein powder and 2 tbs of almond butter.  Simple and yummmmy.


I know, I use the same bowl alot.

No snack for me at night, NyQuil was chugged and I past out. 

What makes me happy: sleep, which I am going to get more of right now.


What is your least favorite body part of workout?

Anyone have some secret remedies for treating a cold?! I have a whole lot of nothing to do this vacation and don’t want to be sick for it all 😉


Weekend Highlights

19 Mar

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had some good times if you celebrated St.Pattys Day!  I know most of you did some runs this week and I am so jealous! No idea why I didn’t sign up for one this year !

Just stopping in to show some weekend highlights !


First and foremost, I got in nursing school! wooooo! Something that’s now off my New Years list!


Plenty of green bagels were involved.  Okay maybe just 3, needed to get some carbs in before the liquor. Always thinking smart! 😉


Way too many of these.  That jameson got the best of me I tell ya.


I did however make a pitstop at my fav sushi place right there, for some dressing! Okay I really didn’t just get dressing my friend had a salad and I ate this.  Best ever.


Old man duke thinks he’s getting any of my Irish soda bread.  Getting between drunk kaity and food can be dangerous my friend.


We did however get out of hibernation this weekend and go for a long walk which I haven’t in way to long!


Had maddd coffee.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted an irish cream or caramel.. or a iced or hot.  Since I’m so indecisive I got the best of both worlds.

ImageI went out to dinner with the family to Sonoma Grill.  Love this place.  I got a mediterrean wrap with white bean hummus and veggies and shrimp with veggies on the side.  Also ate half the bread basket while waiting, sorry I’m not sorry.


We all know how mature I am.  This damn guy was wasted at the bar when I got there at 11am and kept knocking into everyone including myself spilling green beer down my back.  So yes, I did this.  Again, sorry I’m not sorry.


When I drink my body hates on me and I usually get some sort of cold symptoms.  I can down jameson shots but this damn stuff?!  I am a wimp.  I had to hold my nose and wash it down with chocolate just to get the taste away.  Gah! Go figure.


Woke up feeling like I got his by a bus but I got my sick leg workout in.  Just was very slow moving the whole time lol.  But really, how true is this?!

What makes me happy: walking to my next chapter in my life with great ambition and eminence..


jk im just going to the next bar 😉

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?!

That awkward moment..

15 Mar

Ohhh friday how I love you! I woke up at 6 and hit up the gym for a shoulder/abs workout.  I think it’s my weakest part but I am up to 8.5-15 lbs can I get a hell yeah!

I had alot of “awkward” moments this week and they just crack myself up.  How I do my “that’s what she said jokes” I do “that awkward moments…” just as much so I figured I’d share them with you.

 That awkward moment when you walk into class and a guy you never talked to calls me blonde god.  I do an awkward giggle and said aw thanks.  He continues to say, “You remind me of a guy I know..” aw thanks awkwardly comes out again.  “yeah I can’t exactly pinpoint it but that similar characteristic is definitely there.


That awkward moment when this same guy is now nicknamed in my head as weirdo.  I have this problem I sometimes talk out loud and say whatever I’m thinking.  Well when I walked into class the next day and he said “Hey blonde god” and I say sup weirdo. AH! Then I just continued to stare at him in hope he wouldn’t notice.  Don’t know if he did because he kept talking after that.

That awkward moment again when I say things out loud.  We have all done this too! When someone doesn’t hold the door open for you and your right there and you say thank you out loud.  Accidentally of coarse.  She then turned and said sorry because she obviously heard me.  Another kill me moment.


That awkward moment when I am sitting at dunkin donuts alone studying and the worker there says “so who are you meeting today” and I awkwardly say no one. OUCH!


That awkward moment when you send a gutsy text and do that throw your phone across the room thing.  Okay I don’t throw my phone anymore it’s to expensive.  But that moment they take long to answer that text. Kill me moment x2.


That awkward moment when you are trying a new machine at the gym and can’t figure out how to use it so you slowly walk away from it hoping no one saw know there is always that one person that sees you.  Yeah I get to the next machine and this guy whose always there says I can show you how to use that machine after your done with this one. Ugh got caught.


That awkward moment when my really cool poster I made for class for some extra brownie points blows out of my pocket book and starts blowing across campus.  I sure as hell am not running to get it so every time the wind would stop I would do a little speed walk to get it before it started to blow again.  If I didn’t get to it by the 4th gust of wind I was leaving it lol.  I got it.

That awkward moment when this same damn poster falls out of my bag again this time I am on the top of the stairs at school that goes down to the busy ass lobby.  Starts rolling one step at a time and I’m doing this weird walk behind it because if I went to quick I know I’d bust my ass so it just kind of looked like I was playing a game alone… with my poster. AH


HAHA I crack myself up at the way I act sometimes. Please tell me though, what is one of your awkward moments you have experienced lately?

What makes me happy: Chipotle. There’s only one that’s about 20 minutes from me unfortunately.  I pass it coming back from my first class every time but the line is out the door because it’s lunch time and ain’t nobody got time for that.  Today however I made a field trip with my niece and got me some. WOOOO. What’s your favorite thing to get from there if you have one by you?



13 Mar

I totally deserve worst blogger award for being so in and out lately. I miss you guys! Hope you all had a good weekend, I had a good time at the parade (no dumb drunk kaity showed up) and then had a baby shower the next day so by sunday night i came home and past outtttt.

But I am popping in for a WIAW thanks to Jenn!



pumpkin, you will never go out of style for me ! kind of like my jeans with the “fake” outlined pockets I was about to wear this weekend. Thanks to my sister I didnt wasnt allowed.


Pumpkin oatmeal with an egg white whisked in


and ofcoarse some DD.. irish cream! yeah, im moving upppp.



peas with a piece of ezekiel and a can of salmon with hummus under there! and a green smoothie, well bluish gray from the load of blueberries i put it.. yum!


I went to the gym straight from school (post coming about that) and got in a good workout then came home and was starved. Since it was to early for dinner so i just whipped up an egg with some nutritional yeast, yum.



Flounder baked in lemon and coconut oil, roasted brussel sprouts and some mixed veggies



looks so gross and I wont post recipe til i get it somewhat pretty but a chocolate protein muffin.. hit the spot!


Now I am off to catch up on some shows.. anyone else watch the carrie diaries ?! im obsessed. haha

What makes me happy: Seeing I am growing the hell up. You guys all see I date a lot but I never get past 3 dates because I just don’t like the person enough to keep going, nor do I have the patience to pretend I like someone. In class yesterday we had to write down stuff we look for in a boy/girl and my list was the only one that didn’t have “muscles, tall, white teeth”. Obv I’m not saying I’d date some fugly loser lol but there is way more important thing then those. I enjoyed all the games and I was just as much of a game player as any guy. I finally come to see why I been single for 4 years, because I won’t settle. I use to just because it was the “hot guy” in school or something like that. Now the second a guy tries one little game or beats around the bush about something (such a pet peeve of mine) I literally just stop talking to them. So I was talking to 4 guys last week, then went on a deleting rampage and deleted everyone, literally every guy (besides my brothers ofcoarse) from my phone. Sorry had to vent ! lol Boys be crayyyyy.

What is your favorite snack lately?

Since all of you I see are instagraming now, add me ! Kaityscooking