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WIAW- It’s getting hot in here

27 Jun

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I am MIA again, just been busy and too nice out to even sit on the computer in no AC. I am not complaining about the weather though.  Not that I need to be out in the sun with this hot sunburn I have been sporting.  It actually is all peeled and spotty now on my chest and shoulders so I look just weird.  Oh well. 

Monday is my weekly run day, this was suppose to be a 10k which I didn’t know was shortened until I was getting ready to speed up at 5 mile mark when I turned the corner and that happened to be the finish line.  So that wasn’t my best time of 51 minutes but for running in 91 degree weather up hills of dirt, i’ll take it!

Onto food, it’s been the same old over here. thank you Jenn for hosting!



Woke up early and sweating to death that I had no appetite.  So I ate about a half a cantaloupe and quarter of tasteless watermelon I cut up the day before.



After the gym I  was going to head to the beach for a couple hours with my cousin.    Before we headed out I made a quick tuna scramble(?)which is just 2 egg whites and can of tuna with some garlic, topped with ketchup.  Some green beans on the side.



Beach, beer, and The Hunger Games. Finished the first one in a day and onto the second, I am obsessed <3.


Once I got home I just snacked on more fruit, plus an unpictured peach.


 I just had some grilled asparagus (x3) and grilled corn, with 3 hard boiled eggs on the side (2 whole, 1 egg white) .  I need to make some more veggie burgers to have waiting in the freezer for days like today!




As I was sitting outside finishing my book I downed one of these babies, I cant get enough!



What makes me happy: Winning Tim McGraw tickets for Sundays concert. wooooooo!  I wish I recorded myself on the radio, you would’ve thought I won a million dollars with how I was hyperventilating hahah. #sorryimnotsorry

Do you seem to lose your appetite more on those really hot days?

Anyone else into the hunger games?



WIAW- Back at it

20 Jun

I hope every ones week is going good so far.  I have had such a quiet week and loved it!  Monday I had my first run of the Summer Run Series.  Basically every Monday night at a different state park there’s a run whether it be a 5k, 10k, or like this past one a 5 miler.  I run early in the morning before it’s hot out, so running at 7pm when the sun is still out was killer.  I ran a 46:07 run which I was pleased with.  It’s just fun to be around a bunch of people who really enjoy running.


nice and sweaty after the run #suprunnerboyz

Speaking of boys, I kind of left you hanging just saying we broke up.  I am more then fine, he was just not the guy for me.  We dated for 2 months and went to 16, yes 16 movies.  I hate the movies.  He obviously loved that which is fine but he never wanted to do anything outdoorsy or adventure kind of things that I like.  Plus I could not see a damn movie once more, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Thank you all for caring though!

Onto food, thank you jenn for hosting!  After my last weeks meltdown I am back at it, alcohol and all.  Feeling back to myself, just had a minor speedbump!


Breakfast 7:00am

Now that I am running outside again and not at the gym I been back to running on an empty stomach.  Once I get home I stuff my face then change and go to the gym.  I had my usual sweet potato, kale, and eggs with nutritional yeast.


Snack 1045ish

I went to the beach, alone. I wanted to do some reading and wanted no interruptions lol.  I am reading At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks.  Good so far!


Before I left though I had a green smoothie.  Pineapple, an orange, banana, kale, protein powder, and coconut oil.  Hit the spot.


Lunch 2pm

I felt myself starting to burn at the beach so I headed home and made a salad (lettuce from the garden, woohoo finally I am to poor to be paying for it lol) which blackbeans, tomatoes, a can of tuna, hummus and some balsamic.


Obviously a very photogenic meal.

Dinner 6:00pm

I cooked up some quinoa because I meant to make quinoa muffins but forgot too, sigh.  So I used some of that and threw some frozen shrimp, sauteed spinach and onions, and soy sauce.  Easyy and filling.


Snack 7:00pm

While I was getting ready to go out, and by that I mean get in my pjs and go to my friends house to watch girl code, I ate some chocolate pb banana soft serve of coarse!


Look how pretty!! (this is the real reason i am single, because I think blended bananas looks pretty hahah)

That’s it for today!

What Makes Me Happy: Jenna Marbles videos.  Seriously, I want to be her friend.

Are you a Jenna Marbles fan?

Do you like quiet times at the beach?
Any good books I should read next? I will be done with this by tomorrow