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Guilty Feelings

13 Jun

Hey my blogger friends, hows everyone doing?  Today me and my cousin went to a park not far from us and hiked the trail (about 8 miles) and canoed for about an hour.  And by canoed I mean we followed turtles and frogs around just trying to catch them, i’ll never grow up.  I was suppose to meet my friends at the bar tonight but I am literally ready for bed!

So each Wednesday I post my eats from the day before, often pretty balanced and healthy for the most part.  But I am human and lately have more days then not of eating junk and sometimes get those guilty feelings and thoughts of punishing myself for doing so.  I have come along way in my recovery but still have those binges here and there.  I think with drinking more those binges are getting worse and more frequent.  There are more days though of me eating my cake and not caring, but having that cake 3-5 days in a row on top of eating other junk, those feelings kick in.  I loved doing my smoothie detox because I was eating/drinking foods I normally eat, but I can’t do that weekly, that’s no fun!  I like my sushi dates!

I feel if I eat junk one day, it’s a lot harder to wake up and not reach for the muffins and danishes instead of the eggs and oatmeal (am I right?!?)  Years ago, it use to be so easy because I’d punish myself, now I mostly go with it.  I ate like a beast, i’ll try and eat better tomorrow.  I don’t go run 10 miles and work out to burn each and every calorie I had ate the day before.  I can’t do that anymore but I still sometimes have those guilty feelings of “why did I eat that?”.

This Wednesday is a different WIAW.  Mainly because I didn’t take pictures of what I ate yesterday, it was all over.  Ice cream cake, pizza, muffins, Chinese food, cereal, bagels, etc.

Like I said I know I have come along way, and am human and may never get past those guilty feelings 100%.  I have got it through my head that if I eat like that I am not going to blow up like a balloon.  But still have it in my head that I am not my best if I eat right.  You know? This was more of a venting post I know.  Sorry guys!

Do you get those guilty feelings after eating junk more often then not?  How do you deal with them?