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WIAW In the Sun

10 Apr

Hello Everyone, I can’t get enough of this gorgeous weather.  After this I am going to go for a quick run outside then go to the gym for chest/abs..Yesterday was legs and I didn’t finish them because I got so hot there doing them and was getting nausea.  I already get a stomach ache doing legs but sweating like a pig on top of it killed me.  Does anyone else get a stomach ache during legs?!

Onto Wednesday, so glad this week is flying!  Thanks for Jenn for hosting!



I woke up at 5 and could already tell it was going to be one of those mornings that I don’t get satisfied by anything I eat.  So instead of switching it up today like I have been with Meghan’s challenge, I went with my usual 2 eggs, sweet potato and kale sauteed in coconut oil with nutritional yeast.


I also had my DD, butter pecan. ❤


I had to pack something easy to eat because I wasn’t stopping home in between my class because I had to go to the library.  I was not bringing tuna in the library. I get looks for my smoothies now being smelly too?! Not happening.


Celery&Carrots with hummus, green smoothie consisiting of strawberries, an orange, coconut milk, banana, protein powder, and spinach, and an apple.  I never ate the apple so once I came back from the gym I did with a scoop of protein powder with some almond milk and peanut butter, so goooood. (yes I used a measuring cup as my bowl)



Finally something new for the challenge.  I made a tempeh burger that was so good with some ketchup, corn and broccoli on the side.  Perfect meal for a gorgeous day!



Popcorn kick is back in full force. Then I had a cup of peanuts.

What makes me happy: enough said. Image


Do you sometimes find it hard to switch up your meals?  What is your hardest one to switch?

Are you a baseball fan?


Phase 1- Livefit

22 Mar

Woooo Spring Break finally!  I am so looking forward to not doing anything.  I do have plans to have a harry potter marathon and eat donuts for one whole day.  I am such a party animal.  But other exciting news, I finished phase one of LiveFit today and followed the workouts to a tee.  Yes I did no cardio for 4 wks.  I deserve a freaking medal, or a donut. 

Since I suck at life I don’t really have before/after pictures because honestly, I know I’d beat myself up over it.  Wasn’t going down that road.  Plus because I am not really doing this for looks, I really want to be a hulk and be able to lift man weights at the gym.  Ok not exactly, but I do want some serious muscle because with all my running I have done over the year I seem to have lost a good amount of muscle.  Also, doing the spartan race and the survival race (anyone in NY wanna do this with me?!) I want to be able to beast through the obstacles so.  Since I haven’t taken pictures, I have been writing down the weights I do.  Which I love has drastically changed since my first day joining the gym and dieing doing 2lb curls.

The first 2 weeks are workouts split over 4 days.  This was very hard because I can easily go to the gym daily because its “my time” sort of thing.  BUTTTT i didn’t.  Okay some Saturday mornings I would go for about a half hour and just do an ab workout, but that’s it!

Week 1 & 2

This is the muscle-endurance phase.  The goal is to prepare your muscles for a strength-training program that will also promote muscle growth.  During these first two weeks you do 3 sets of 12 repetitions per exercise, resting 60 seconds (give or take) in between each set.  These are both amounts of weight I did in week 1 then 2.

leg extensions 80lbs-80lbs
leg press 130lbs-130lbs
wide stance squat 40lbs-50lbs
seated leg curl 50lbs-60lbs
stiff leg deadlift 40lbs-50lbs
standing calf raises 90lbs-90lbs

Wide Pushups
Dumbbell bench press 40lb-50lb
Cable Flies 20lb-20lb
Narrow Pushup
Standing dumbbell tricep extension 12.5lb-15lb
Tricep Pushdown 40lb-40lb

Wide grip lat pull down 40lb-40lb
One-arm dumbbell row 15lb-15lb
Seated cable row 65lb-70lb
Underhand cable pulldown 30lb-30lb
Dumbbell alternate bicep curl 10lb-10lb
One arm dumbbell preacher curl 8lb-8lb
Standing biceps cable curl 20lb-25lbs

Seated dumbbell press 30lb (55lb on machine)-30lb
Standing dumbbell T raise 15lb-15lb
Side Lateral Raise 10lb-10lb
Exercise ball crunch 20lb-20lb
Bicycle crunch

A lot of these exercises as you could see I wasn’t changing the weight the next week because I really just couldn’t.  That’s okay though, my perfectionist self isn’t coming out in this workout if I can’t do something I won’t force it.  (big step for me!)  I was hurting from these workouts.  A good hurt of coarse, but def hurting.  I was in and out of the gym in 35 minutes which again, a big change for me as I could run on the treadmill for 2 hours if I wanted to.  This meant I had more time to hang out with friends, go shopping, blog, sleep, study!

Week 3 & 4

Weeks 3 and 4 marks the first workouts of the muscle-building portion.  This time you are really pushing yourself.  You now workout 5 days, one day now doing whichever body part you choose to do 2x a week.  I chose legs.  Also you are now doing 3 sets of 10 reps. So my leg portion will have 4 sets of weight for 2 of each week. 

leg extensions 85lb/90lb-95lb/110lb
leg press 150lb/155lb-175lb/180lb
wide stance squat 45lb/45lb-50lb/55lb
seated leg curl 65lb/65lb-70lb-75lbs
walking lunge 40lb/40lbs-50lb/50lbs
single leg deadlift 25lb/25lb-35lb/35lb
standing calf raises 110lb/130lb-210lb-230lb

Wide Pushups
Dumbbell bench press 50lb-55lb
Flat bench flies 25lb-30lb
Decline flies 20lb-25lb
Standing dumbbell tricep extension 12.5lb-15lb
Tricep kickback 12.5lb-15lb
Bench dips
Tricep cables 30lb-50lb
Skull crushers 20lb-30lb

Wide grip lat pull down 45lb-50lb
Hammer lat pull down 40lb-50lb
Narrow grip row 75lb-85lb
Back extensions
Bent over barbell row 40lb-50lb
Dumbbell alternate hammer curl 12.5lb-15lb
Incline dumbbell curl 20lb-30lb
Standing barbell curl 20lb-30lbs

Seated dumbell press 30lb-20lb
Dumbbell front raise 25lb-30lb
Arnold press 20lb-25lb
Bent over rear delt raise 15lb-25lb
Side Lateral Raise 10lb-7.5lb
Roman chair crunches
Oblique crunches

I want to say because as I was writing these I got all confused.  If it says something like “seated dumbbell press 30lb” I did 15lb dumbbells in each hand.  Not that hulk(y) yet!  This portion was a little bit longer in the gym but for the most part a lot of the same exercises.  I did however add a few leg ones and take a couple out because I just can’t use those machines lol.

Overall, I am loving this program.  I wanted to weigh myself at one point but then realized I am not ready for that yet.  Plus, I didn’t see the reason to after that initial thought.  I see a lot of definition coming back though.  My clothes, I don’t know.  Some days they fit tighter other days they don’t.  My butt however which is already big, is getting ginormous looking.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, just from behind I look like a wide load coming through haha.  Although I miss cardio, I have really liked my workouts being so short.  This next phase is the “leaning out” phase.  Thirty minutes of moderate cardio is added back in.  Maybe with the weather getting somewhat nicer I will run to and from the gym.  Gas is getting too expensive for my broke ass.  Wish me luck in next phase, this crazy lady thinks I am doing 30 pullups next week?! This should be interesting!

What makes me happy: DD trips with the kids, I am mature and tell them to make faces to people when they walk in.  Plus I wanted to finish my coffee so I had to keep them busy for a little 😉Image

Have you ever done any weight lifting programs? Livefit?

Has strength training really helped anyone with their running/cardio?

Other news, What are you up to this weekend?

Monday Shmonday

25 Feb

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was pretty boring, I went out to a bar Friday night but I was a killjoy since I was dd and was getting annoyed at people. lol.  Then Saturday I skipped the gym because I was too tired from being such a partier the night before and Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing, was perfect.

It was however over 40 degrees all weekend, which means outside runs ! Friday I went out to do a short run, 10.5 miles later I was in my zone and totally missing outdoor runs.  Since I wore my old crappy shoes because they are the only ones that are water proof my legs were killing me so I treated myself.


Best thing ever. Check out my freaky partially webbed toe.  My friends all throughout HS made fun of me for it.  We’d go to the beach and they would tell me I had an advantage at swimming races lol

I been studying for my sociology test all day today.  Most boring class ever.  I did however come across this in my book.


Seriously, how many of these do you use?!? YRYOCC ?! I’d punch someone if they said that to me. Not gonna lie.

I made these delicious protein waffles this weekend.  Best thing! Not gonna lie though, one didn’t do it for me.  I had to have 2 and could of probably easily had 3. Either way, can’t wait to make again!


I started doing livefit today.  I will make a full post about that soon.  After wanting to try it for about a year now but I was to afraid to let go of my cardio for a whole month I finally gave it.  I do however do a 5-10 minute warmup on the elliptical and may do a run outside once a week if my body allows it, otherwise I am giving 100% to this program.  YAY.

I did also do Courtney’s Ab workout which felt great! I was to lazy and tired to go to the gym Sunday so I did a short 2.5 mile run outside again (couldn’t do longer, those sneakers killed me friday!) then came home and did this. Loved it.

Watching the Oscars were pretty boring to me, but I do however love to see what people wear. I think Amanda Seyfred’s dress was my top fav! Also, Jennifer Lawerence made me love her even more.


I just made some quinoa muffins for school for the week, love these things.  Duke isn’t a begging kind of a dog at all.


I am off to go back to the library to do some more of this.


Yes that is a caramel cawfeee.  I am starting to feel it.

What makes me happy: Will Ferrel Posts. Cracks me uppp.


Anyone else have some weird unique stuff about them like my freak toe?

Whose dress did you like the best at the Oscars?