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rain rain go away

10 Jun

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Yesterday ended up so nice out finally, we needed it!  I had a family party to go to and it was at an Italian restaurant (<–had to spell check that, haha).  You know what that means, I ate my body weight in bread pasta and drank way too many glasses of wine.


Thanks Katie for hosting

Marvelous is..finally getting my egg eating on friday morning, afternoon, and night. Oh how I missed you


Marvelous is..going to beach Saturday evening after a busy day at work.  Love it


Marvelous is..not that it is flooding outside again, and suppose to til wed.  BOO!  Atleast I got so fresh air Sat and Sun.


Marvelous is..my nieces finally going home and not sleeping over after a week, and waking me up 5x throughout the night.  Sleeping a lot in the near future.


Marvelous is..double chocolate waffles for breakfast Sunday. yum in my tum.


Marvelous is..seeing the movie Now you see me last night.  And by “seeing it” I mean I slept the entire movie.  The BF didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t going to be able to stay awake lol


I am off to the gym finally, I hope I don’t get weird looks for wearing my rainboots just to walk into the gym. Lol

What makes me happy:  Six flags on Friday! wooo.I use to go literally every weekend during the summer but it got to be just to much.  Cannot wait.

What’s Marvelous in your Monday?

Are you a fan of roller coasters?


MiMM- Much needed relaxation

15 Apr

Happy Monday!  I hope all had a great weekend!  Mine was pretty relaxing and much needed!

Onto a MIMM thanks to Katie!


Marvelous is..all you can eat sushi! I ate 6, yes 6 rolls. Can I get a oink oink (lmao i really did just say that too)

 Marvelous is..getting my bake on with my favorite chicks! It was a really crappy day Friday so we made some of these cookies.  Then the 3 of us split the batch. YUM!

Marvelous is..my long lost love kombucha! Always feel so refreshing after I drink them, as long as none of the little stringyness touches my mouth.


Marvelous is..too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this weekend.  Never gets old.


Marvelous is..this movie, I swear I am Gigi.


Marvelous is..pancakes!  I made them for the past 3 days.  Can’t get enough.  I been trying to switch up the kinds I make each day for the challenge!


Is it just me that will use the smallest spoonful of batter just to not waste it and make a tiny pancake? PS ignore my hot nails.

Marvelous is..dunkins iced tea!  I was not in the mood for coffee when I went on sunday (I know right) so I decided to broaden my horizon and get the iced tea.  I think the workers almost had a heart attack too.

Marvelous is.. running without having a constant runny nose.  Sorry is that’s TMI but you colder weather runners, do you know what I am talking about?! I won’t even have a stuffy nose but you bet it will be running on any runs, my poor sleeves.  With it being nice out I now enjoy runs runny nose free. HOLLA

What makes me happy: monthly dinner with the salon girls.  I made it a thing to go to the bar/restaurant next door and about 5 of us go after a busy Saturday.  It’s good to just let loose with them and talk since we barely can catch up during work.  We sometimes stay after and just drink all night but I am punishing myself until school ends not to drink because of my crappy grade I got lol.  Especially after my YOLO night, I need a break.

Whats marvelous about your Monday?

Do you like PB (or any nut butter) & J?  What kind of jelly?  Strawberry is my fav ❤

Do you like to have planned girls nights every few weeks?  If so what do you guys usually do?

Marvelous Monday #2

10 Dec

Hey all ! hope you enjoyed your weekend ! mine was so jam packed but so much fun wouldnt have it any other way :-)! Lets get started on whats marvelous on this fine monday thanks to the lovely katie!


Marvelous is having my first christmas party of the season this wknd good food with great friends! we went to manninos which is where we go every year..i shared a calamari appetizer and for dinner i opted for gnocchi in a tomato plum sauce with caramelized onions, was delicious.. for dessert since i have a dairy allergy i was really taking a big step getting anything so i got a biscotti thinking that would be my safest option.. there a top fav cookie ! was great dipped into my coffeee yumm.


Marvelous is hitting up the NYC bars this weekend too.. rain heels and alcohol oh so marvelous!

and i got to see the tree which is always a plus! nyc is the best during xmas time!


Marvelous is having the house smell like heaven with homemade graham crackers in the oven because

im making gingerbread houses with the kiddos today, this should be fun !

Marvelous is getting the best xmas gifts from my secret santa ! thanks nic!

they obv no the way to my heart lol i see some serious cake pop making in the near future

Marvelous is spending the day with my fam watching my giants and jets kick some butt !

Marvelous is my cute little tree in my room up ! i def need more ornaments lol pink and purple, so festive ;-)!


Marvelous is a exciting week of studying to look forward to ;-)! a week and a half left ! score

how was your weekend?! any christmas parties?