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rain rain go away

10 Jun

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Yesterday ended up so nice out finally, we needed it!  I had a family party to go to and it was at an Italian restaurant (<–had to spell check that, haha).  You know what that means, I ate my body weight in bread pasta and drank way too many glasses of wine.


Thanks Katie for hosting

Marvelous is..finally getting my egg eating on friday morning, afternoon, and night. Oh how I missed you


Marvelous is..going to beach Saturday evening after a busy day at work.  Love it


Marvelous is..not that it is flooding outside again, and suppose to til wed.  BOO!  Atleast I got so fresh air Sat and Sun.


Marvelous is..my nieces finally going home and not sleeping over after a week, and waking me up 5x throughout the night.  Sleeping a lot in the near future.


Marvelous is..double chocolate waffles for breakfast Sunday. yum in my tum.


Marvelous is..seeing the movie Now you see me last night.  And by “seeing it” I mean I slept the entire movie.  The BF didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t going to be able to stay awake lol


I am off to the gym finally, I hope I don’t get weird looks for wearing my rainboots just to walk into the gym. Lol

What makes me happy:  Six flags on Friday! wooo.I use to go literally every weekend during the summer but it got to be just to much.  Cannot wait.

What’s Marvelous in your Monday?

Are you a fan of roller coasters?


What I ate Wednesday- Rainy day

30 Jan

Happy Hump Day!

I was so excited that today was going up to the 50s so I could finally do a run outside, not realizing it’s in the 50s but down pouring all day. fail. I did a kickboxing class last night that’s pretty good and did a quick arm workout before it which is killing me today.  I’m doing the spartan race in June with a few friends (all guys, any girls doing it want to be my friend?!?) and it says you should be able to have the strength to do 25 pull ups.  HA. I can’t do one, I tried.  So I been doing alot of free weights to build up and I’m up to a whopping 9lbs already! I know I know, Im soo strong.  So today I might just go walk on the treadmill for a little with some work because I haven’t actually had a rest day in over a week ! ( I know so bad! )  It has just really been helping with clearing my head so I think that’s why.  But onto food, my meal planning went out the window this week and I could explain! I do my food shopping Mondays and I had everything all planned out Sunday night til I remember I had to do blood tests Tuesday am.  Long story short with these tests I get em once a month and i have to starve fast for 24 hours, yes 24 hours. I always feel bad for the people around me. So I was not doing that to myself and going food shopping that’s just mean lol. Onto food, thank you Jenn for hosting.



it’s weird after I fast I always tell myself I’m going home and eating everything, but I always have that sick to my stomach feeling.  Go figure.  But I forced down some pumpkin oatmeal, mixed in with some cashew butter mmmm.


I also had not one but two coffees, oh yes this is happening.  Here’s my reasoning.  I have to go to a new campus about 35 minutes away, and I get there about an hour early because I’m cool and usually just go to the library.  But by the time I get to school and really need my coffee it’s gone.  So I got a small that I drank on the way and had my coffee  for classes, win win! Not really for my wallet, def cant do that weekly lol.


as you can see what was for my snackish lunch



and I had 2, okay maybe 4 unpictured mound balls, they really are the best mid day!  Those fats keep me full fo eva!



see what happens when I don’t meal plan, I make a bunch of deliciousness. 1/2 a can of cannelloni beans with roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots and kale in hummus and nutritional yeast ofcoarse. 


banana and peanutbutter mmmmmmm

What makes me happy: Rainy days.  As much as I want to go for a run and do errands, sometimes it’s just so much to not. Days like it is here today you are sort of forced (i’ll pretend i am) to sit inside and do nothing. But since that can’t happen I’m forced to do some homework and maybe dvr?!  I just get anexity when I am doing nothing and should be doing something else like walking on the treadmill or doing my errands, so we’ll see how this goes and if I can make it through!

Do you have trouble just relaxing and doing nothing ?! If not, give me your secrets!

What have you been eating lately?