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WIAW- Back at it

20 Jun

I hope every ones week is going good so far.  I have had such a quiet week and loved it!  Monday I had my first run of the Summer Run Series.  Basically every Monday night at a different state park there’s a run whether it be a 5k, 10k, or like this past one a 5 miler.  I run early in the morning before it’s hot out, so running at 7pm when the sun is still out was killer.  I ran a 46:07 run which I was pleased with.  It’s just fun to be around a bunch of people who really enjoy running.


nice and sweaty after the run #suprunnerboyz

Speaking of boys, I kind of left you hanging just saying we broke up.  I am more then fine, he was just not the guy for me.  We dated for 2 months and went to 16, yes 16 movies.  I hate the movies.  He obviously loved that which is fine but he never wanted to do anything outdoorsy or adventure kind of things that I like.  Plus I could not see a damn movie once more, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Thank you all for caring though!

Onto food, thank you jenn for hosting!  After my last weeks meltdown I am back at it, alcohol and all.  Feeling back to myself, just had a minor speedbump!


Breakfast 7:00am

Now that I am running outside again and not at the gym I been back to running on an empty stomach.  Once I get home I stuff my face then change and go to the gym.  I had my usual sweet potato, kale, and eggs with nutritional yeast.


Snack 1045ish

I went to the beach, alone. I wanted to do some reading and wanted no interruptions lol.  I am reading At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks.  Good so far!


Before I left though I had a green smoothie.  Pineapple, an orange, banana, kale, protein powder, and coconut oil.  Hit the spot.


Lunch 2pm

I felt myself starting to burn at the beach so I headed home and made a salad (lettuce from the garden, woohoo finally I am to poor to be paying for it lol) which blackbeans, tomatoes, a can of tuna, hummus and some balsamic.


Obviously a very photogenic meal.

Dinner 6:00pm

I cooked up some quinoa because I meant to make quinoa muffins but forgot too, sigh.  So I used some of that and threw some frozen shrimp, sauteed spinach and onions, and soy sauce.  Easyy and filling.


Snack 7:00pm

While I was getting ready to go out, and by that I mean get in my pjs and go to my friends house to watch girl code, I ate some chocolate pb banana soft serve of coarse!


Look how pretty!! (this is the real reason i am single, because I think blended bananas looks pretty hahah)

That’s it for today!

What Makes Me Happy: Jenna Marbles videos.  Seriously, I want to be her friend.

Are you a Jenna Marbles fan?

Do you like quiet times at the beach?
Any good books I should read next? I will be done with this by tomorrow