Marvelous in my Monday

27 May

Hey Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Hope You all enjoyed your day off and had some nice weather to go with it!


Marvelous is finding a new mexican place that I may have been at 3x this week.  Addictive


beans, rice, veggies, guacamole, salsa.. whats better!

Marvelous is bar hopping for my friends birthday this weekend, I think you can say she had a good night.  It’s okay though, it was her birthday.


Marvelous is taking a walk with my chicks to DD.  That double stroller and hills may be a good workout, but I am lazy so, we all walk.  They needed a break mid-way though and I sware they were talking about me here lol


Marvelous is my failed attempt and making yogurt..YUM!


Marvelous is diner food after a night of drinking.  Funny awkward story.  Me and my bloody knee(d) friend go there at 7am the next morning, me in the shirt I wore the night before and sweat pants, same with her.  We get seated next to a table of 4 guys and are already bugging out that we legit rolled out of bed and came here.  The guys had just got their food as we sat, and one guy turns and says “would you 2 ladies like to combine tables, we will wait to eat our food”.  I just looked at my friend and she said no thanks, thankfully.  Why the f would I want to combine my table with a bunch of random guys.  I hate eating in front of people to begin with!  I honestly just ate a real meal in front of BF maybe 2 weeks ago, and I blamed the alcohol.


Marvelous is finally getting a tanline.  Okay maybe it is sunburn but maybe will hopefully turn to tan?! Or just completely peel off.


What Makes Me Happy:  Girl Code.  Seriously, best show ever.  I love guy code, but girl code is so relate-able in each way it’s almost sad.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

Do you like girl or guy code?

Do you peel once you lay out or turn into tan?

Whats your favorite diner foods? Eggs and pickles (not mixed) all the way!


Liebster Award

14 Jan

Thank You Kimberly over at My Live Fit Life for the nomination.  I love these things because I love learning about everyone !

Here are the rules to the Liebster Blog Award:

Add the award icon into your blog Link to your nominator and say thank you. Post 11 random things about yourself. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. Nominate 11 bloggers (and let them know). Post 11 new questions to the bloggers you nominate.


11 Random Things About Me:

1.  I hate splitpeas.  Like can’t even down them.  I like pretty much anything but them it’s weird.

2.  I am the biggest flirt.  I’m the worst flirt ever, but still biggest.


3.  Speaking of a flirt.  Take a look at my license plate.  It’s totally an inside joke but never the less I’m a loser 🙂


4.  Oh yeah, I can’t parallel park either as you see ^.  I had to for my road test and apparently did good enough to pass.  I can when not in traffic but when there’s cars driving all around I get anxiety and sort of just land my car in a spot and call it a day.  Thank god I don’t live in the city.

5.  I am horrible with technology!  I can use my computer to pretty much blog, facebook, and write papers.  I just upgraded to an iphone too so I can somewhat use that!  I’m slowly moving up!  I just learned to download music myself last week onto my ipod, apparently my “smack that” eminem song was my latest tune, def needed an upgrade!

6.  Even though some of you already know, I am a total harry potter junkie.  Im thinking of actually getting a tattoo like this.  Real Loser Status.


7.  When I become an RN i either want to work with babies/kids in neonatal or oncology.  Or dead people, I know im such a creeper but I absolutely love dissecting and the forensics behind it.

8.  I went to beauty school but if you tell me to put eyeliner on I’m a moron.

9.  Im obsessed with Luke Bryan.


10.  I saw the most immature jokes ever.  I crack myself up and it’s totally healthy to laugh a lot.


11.  I am obsessed with anything pink.  If i had my way this would be my kitchen.


My 11 answers:

1. What is your pet peeve? ugh crumbs! I hate if Iwalk out into the kitchen barefoot and I step on crumbs.  I will vacuum at 5am sometimes. So annoying.

2. Do you workout at home or the gym? Both. I been working out home for a few years now but gave in and joined a gym again.  Though I love it, I still like to go for a run outside or do a yoga video.

3. Your favorite cheat meal?  Pizza! Even though milk doesn’t agree with me AT ALL.  It’s a real cheat meal, nothing like NY pizza.

4. Sweet or savory? sweet !

5. Favorite tv show? NCIS ❤

6. Who is  your hero? My aunt.  I grew up wanting to be her!  Even though my career is taking a different path then planned.  She is still such an inspiration to me.

7. What is your favorite healthy food?  Pumpkin Oatmeal.

8. What is your favorite workout type?  Running

9. How do you cope with stress? Unfortunately I reach for food but I’m working on that and hitting up some kickboxing classes again to get any stress out!

10. How do you relax?  Sit on my couch with some coffee and watch my DVR shows!

11. Your most embarrassing moment? Oh god to many.  I laugh at everything though because I’ve learned not to care what people think about stupid stuff I say/do.
My Questions:
1. Whats your favorite movie?
2. Do you have any pets?
3. What is the best vacation you ever went on?
4. Favorite outfit?
5. Favorite healthy food?
6. Favorite disney movie?
7. Heels/sneakers/boots?
8. Favorite kitchen gadget?
9. Favorite season?
10. Baseball or Football fan?
11. Describe your ultimate lazy day

My Nominees:

Everyone else answer any of the questions from above, i love learning about all of you!


new years resolutions 2013

30 Dec

Hey everyone! i cant believe 2012 is coming to an end i feel i just just started writing it.. though 2012 was good for me i know 2013 will be great ! i always make a resolutions list but its never like “lose 5lbs” or “dont eat meat” bc its setting myself up for disappointment, its more like the list below i just always add a few new ones every year!

New Years 2013
1. Be able to say i use to have a binge eating problem..this is huge for me though i know its not the root of everything it is a huge factor..

2. Learn something new.. This is usually the first one i get done because i get excited.. last year i went horseback riding for the first and probably last time lol

3. Enjoy life more.. with my eating problems i got very unsocial.. id avoid everything and lost alot of friends because of it.. i have rekindled alot of those friendships of the past few months but still after hanging out a few times i fall back into my old ways when they text me to hang out.. so hopefully this year i can stop falling into those holes and be my fun self for a change !

4. Run a marathon.. im not gonna lie i had all hopes of doing this but i have had alot of muscle ache lately with a medication im on (more on that in a diff post) that i dont no if this one is def going to happen but i really want it to so we will see!

5. Meet new people.. this goes with #3 but because i missed out on alot when i became a lonely loser and honeslty i have the friends ive had for years and met a ton of new people on the way.. but i use to be sucha social butterfly and love to meet new people and already getting to know so many of you bloggers out there i feel im gonna cross this one off easily ! and hopefully one of those people is a guy, i been very picky lately !

6. Get a new hobby.. kinda goes with learning something new.. but ehh horseback riding was totes not a hobby of mine and actually running because a hobby of mine.. its not just a workout to me i really do enjoy it so i consider that a hobby and hope to find a new one this year to add to the list !

7. Go on a roadtrip ! this is kinda in the works so we should see.. i have a few friends that live in wisconsin and some in nebraska that i want to visit ! i also want to go to canada to site see lol

8. Appreciate the present more.  I really want to start looking at whats going on at that moment in life then the past or future.. with my eating patterns looking in the present was NEVER happening. what i ate the day before and made me look bloated or what im going to eat the next day because i ate something “off limits” was always on my mind.. food wise i want to be able to open my fridge and think “what do i want for breakfast?” i want to not have everything planned in my head every second !

9. Stop overlooking the positive stuff in my life.  I realize i overlook alot in my life.. all those little moments that made that day special and really want to stop rushing through the days and look at it more. for example i was annoyed i didnt workout today but i completely overlooked how i took my nieces on a walk to dunkin donuts and spent the afternoon with them which was wayy better then a workout !  A few bloggers i came across right something postive that has happened that day on each of there posts and im def going to start doing that.. its good to look at even the little positive things each day !

10. Lastly i want to get in a nursing program. i only applied to one so far because with the classes i took already its all i could do and its very competitive..i worked my butt off though so well see

What makes me happy:
going out with my friends! even though i dont do it nearly as often as i like to, when i do i have a blast. tonight is my brothers annual christmas party, its always a good time and even though im friends with all of his friends to have YOUR friends there is always better and this year i invited my 3 closest girlfriends (wouldve invited more but i tend to walk away and do my own thing and these girls dont mind doing there own thing.. yeah im THAT girl) so im hitting up the party tonight with them and hopefully dont hit on any of my brothers friends again, awkwardddddd! espically since my flirting is really good. like reallly good.

Enjoy your weekend !

Do you make new years resolutions? if so what are they?!